Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance Part 1 Equitrain

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This comprehensive, two-day course provides a thorough foundation on the Cisco IronPort email security appliances. Extensive lab exercises provides attendees with the skills to successfully use Cisco IronPort email security applicances to manage and troublshoot email traffic entering and leaving the enterprise network. Internet email concepts and standards are also incorporated along with an overview of other product features that can be used for more customized configurations.

Target Audience

This course is designed for:

  • Individuals responsible for messaging implementations such as Enterprise messaging managers and system administrators, Email system designers and architects or Network managers.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Deploy Cisco IronPort email security appliances in a typical enterprise email environment, including “best practices” for configuration, operation, and system administration.
  • Manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the flow of email through Cisco IronPort email security appliances.
  • Configure access control policies to eliminate threats at the perimeter, based on the identity and trustworthiness of the sender.
  • Create content filters to implement and enforce corporate email policies.
  • Configure Cisco IronPort email security appliances to detect and handle unwanted spam and viruses.
  • Use IronPort's reputation-based services, SenderBase and Virus Outbreak Filters, to increase the security of your email network.
  • Use reporting to document email traffic trends.
  • Use Message Tracking to search on a specific email or category of email.
  • Set delivery parameters for outgoing mail.

Course Outline

Cisco IronPort Overview

  • Product Overview
  • Technology Overview

Installation & Configuration

  • Installation Planning
  • System Setup & Configuration

Defining Sender & Recipient Groups

  • Configuring Listeners
  • Mail Flow Policies
  • Host Access Table
  • Recipient Access Table
  • SMTP Routes


  • Recognize IronPorts Approach to Stop SPAM
  • Configure and Use Sender Base Reputation Scores
  • Configure and Use the Content Adaptive Scanning Engine

Anti-Virus & Virus Outbreak Filters

  • Enable one or both Anti-Virus Engines
  • Use one or both AV Engines in Mail Policies
  • Use Virus Outbreak Filters for Zero Hour protection

Policy Enforcement

  • Create User-Based Mail Policies
  • Identify Message Splintering
  • Describe Centralized Tracking & Reporting
  • Implement Message Tracking

Quarantines & Delivery Methods

  • Create and manage quarantines
  • Assign Administrative Users to Quarantines
  • Assign Bounce Profiles
  • Create Virtual Gateways

Content Filters

  • Describe content scanning
  • Configure embedded object detection
  • Detect password-protected / non-protected attachments
  • Use Smart Identifiers

Email Encryption

  • Configure an Encryption Profile
  • Provision with the Cisco Registered Envelope Service
  • Provision with a Local Key Server
  • Associate a content filtering rule with an “Encrypt” action


  • Identify Issues
  • Diagnose and Isolate Problems
  • Troubleshooting tools and best practices
  • Log file contents and log administration

System Administration

  • Support tools
  • System backup and recovery
  • Software upgrades

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