Successful businesses know that investing in the next generation of leaders is critical to sustaining competitive advantage and achieving corporate growth over the long term.

This program is designed to equip participants with the advanced decision-making and execution skills they need to achieve the organization goals.

Program Contents

  • Differentiate “management” and “leadership”
  • Demonstrate the main leadership styles
  • How to avoid common administrative leadership pitfalls
  • Assessing your strengths and areas for growth in the competencies
  • Setting expectations and providing support
  • What is monitoring (control) and how to apply it?
  • Standards and how to set them
  • Measure deviations and take the necessary corrective actions


  • Middle to Top levels managers who have the role of inspiring and motivating others to achieve organizational goals  

Key Benefits

At program completion, participants will be able to:

  • Communicate organizational mission and goals.
  • Influence groups and inpiduals.
  • Build and support teams.
  • Demonstrate personal and professional competence.
  • Understand the kinds of control
  • Deal with deviations in the correct time and with the correct way.
  • Achieve planned goals

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