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    DAY 1

    Setting the Standards for Customer Service Excellence

    • The benefits of providing excellent customer service
    • Breakout session: How to use customer service to promote customer loyalty
    • Case study: The best and worst customer service providers
    • The WOW Factor: Going the extra mile…and then some!
    • The importance of managing internal and external customer expectations
    • First impressions: What do your customers see and hear?
    • Understanding and working with the four customer styles
    • Practical exercise: What is your individual personality type?

    - Developing Excellence in Teams

    • Team goals and the importance of teamwork
    • Working groups. teams and high performance teams
    • Defining critical team roles and responsibilities
    • Innovative problem solving and effective decision making
    • Tools and techniques for team development
    • Virtual and remote teams

    DAY 2

    Communicating the Customer Service Message

    • How well does your organisation communicate the importance of customer
    • service?
    • Understanding your customer’s nonverbal communication
    • Tips for building trust and rapport quickly…face-to-face or on the telephone
    • What is your preferred learning style?
    • Developing your active listening skills to enhance communications
    • Use questioning techniques to identify a customer’s expectations and service
    • requirements
    • Telephone tips to promote a professional image
    • The dos and don’ts of written communication

    DAY 3

    Service Recovery: Handling Complaints and Difficult Customers

    • The importance of customer complaints and why they should be encouraged
    • Six steps to service recovery
    • Case Study: Best Practices of Scandinavian Airlines and The Disney Corporation
    • Strategies to help calm upset customers
    • Managing emotions during stressful situations
    • Empower employees to get the job done
    • Breakout session: Step-by-step process for handling a customer complaint
    • Role-play exercise: Dealing with upset customers

     Performance Excellence

    • Understanding and influencing the factors that affect performance
    • Creating clear goals and objectives
    • The importance of how you do it as well as what you do
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Recognizing and using motivational factors at work
    • Building on strengths or eliminating weaknesses
    Updated on 17 September, 2019

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