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Start your Social Media Presence by learning the most important concepts in Search Engine Marketing

Who should attend ?

This course is ideal for marketing and Communications professionals in SMEs and MNCs, PR professionals, e-commerce professionals and business owners who want to reach and engage with customers using online ways.

The session is suitable for all business sizes and across all sectors looking for an introduction to using Search Engine Marketing within a marketing strategy.

What will i learn ?

  • Define search engine marketing.
  • Describe the history of search engine marketing.
  • Identify the elements of search engine marketing plan.
  • Generate keywords that are highly relevant to Web site.
  • Attract inbound Links from other Web Sites.
  • Create Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns.
  • Use Google Analytics and other metrics and tools to monitor progress in achieving search engine marketing goals.


Introduction to Google AdWords

  • Google AdWords definition, history and structure
  • Paid search VS organic search
  • Google AdWords benefits (see what AdWords can do for your business)
  • Know ad types and where your ads can appear)
  • The Google ad auction

Getting started

  • Setup Google AdWords account
  • Get to know your account (Exploring your account interface)
  • Campaign structure (Search, display and YouTube)
  • Understanding your billing options

Supported tools

  • Keyword plan in details
  • Display planner in details
  • Ad preview and diagnosis

Creating your first campaign

  • Creating your first campaign with settings and editing (includes targeted ad group, keywords and ad )
  • location targeting and language
  • bidding strategy and budgeting
  • campaign reporting

Creating your ad group

  • Creating your first ad group
  • Writing effective ad with editing
  • Understanding the quality score concept
  • Creating ad groups structure

Understand quality score

  • What quality score is and why you should care about it
  • How high should your quality score be
  • what is the reasons to increase quality score
  • Landing page guidelines to increase quality score

About DM Arts Academy

Digital Marketing Arts Academy is considered to be the first and the only academy in MENA specialized in teaching digital marketing material by the best international worldwide instructors in the field whose books are ranked as the most best sold books in the field in the world.

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