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ABAP is one of the many application-specific fourth-generation languages. ABAP used to be "Advanced Business Application Programming". Duties of an ABAPer would include to develop and maintain programs to enhance the assigned application module using the SAP Development tools.

1 - Introduction to SAP ABAP
a. What is SAP
b. SAP Architecture and where ABAP fits in
c. ABAP Development Workbench Tools
d. Object Navigator
e. Workbench Organizer
f. Data Dictionary
g. Menu Painter
h. Screen Painter

2 - ABAP Dictionary
a. Tables
b. Views
c. Lock Objects

ABAP Programming Techniques
a. Reports Statement
B. Declarations
C. Selection Screen / Input Fields
D. Program Events
E. Formatting and Displaying Data

Data Transfer Methods
a. Overview of Data Transfer
b. External Data Access
c. Standard data transfer program
d. Transaction Recorder
e. Data Transfer Workbench Concepts
f. Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)
g. BAPIs (Introduction as a data transfer method)

Dialog Programming

a. Introduction to Dialog Programming
b. Screen Painter
c. Screen Elements for Input/Output
d. Subscreens
e. Tabstrips
f. Table Controls
g. Menu Painter
h. Create GUI Status & Title Bar
i. Create Menu Bar for a Screen
j. Define function Keys
k. Create Application Tool Bar for a Screen
l. Screen Flow Logic
m. Understand screen flow logic
n. Create Process After Input and Process before
Output modules
o. Use message for error processing
p. Call list processing within a transaction Updated on 11 July, 2018

Eligibility / Requirements

Any one who have basic understanding of any programming Languages like Java, C, C++ ,.net etc

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