Tax Agent Arabic Program Global Solutions Training Institute
Price: AED 4,000
  • Locations: Business Bay
  • Duration: Upto 80 Hours
  • Timings Part Time, Flexible

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    This program is specially designed for non-Arabic speaking participants in order to intensively prepare them to meet the Arabic requirement of government related and private sector work. It is suitable for Tax Agents, Finance and other Professionals to learn to Speak, Read and Write.

    This program is based on one of the strongest syllabi of Mohamed Bin Saud University of Riyadh, KSA.

    Our teachers are experienced native speakers, who have produced several high quality non-Arab students even to enroll in university studies in Arabic medium.

    This program is categorized into 3 Levels each consisting 3 months;

    Basic Level – 3 Months – 80 Hours


    - Pronouncing the Alphabet
    -Comprehension and simple Essays for reading practice

    Special training on circumstantial speech with appropriate vocabulary.
    -At Home
    -Government office
    -At Market/Supermarket
    -At Hospital
    -Air Port
    -At School
    -At Restaurant
    -At Hotel
    -At Office

    -1500 daily words to start the communication
    -This can be increased depending on the dedication of students.

    Basic Grammar
    -The Alphabet (Pronunciation and Writing)
    -Singular Masculine, Singular Feminine
    -Dual and Plural
    -Definite and Indefinite Nouns.
    -Names, Demonstrative Nouns and Relative Nouns
    -Pronouns: Separate & Connected
    - Prepositions
    -Verbs-Past, Present and Future
    -Nominal Sentence and Verbal sentence

    Intermediary -3 Months -80 hours
    1 – Reading
    Advanced comprehension reading.

    1- Speaking

    Advanced sentences for varying circumstances
    Speech practice and self expression


    2000 words essential to speak, listen and understand a conversation.


    Letter writing


    -The Five ( أبٌ , أَخٌ , حَمٌ , فُو , ذُو )
    -“kaan” and its Sisters.( كَانَ وأَخواتهَا )
    - “Inna” and its Sisters( إِنَّ وَأَخَواتها )
    Case endings
    Present tense
    Types of Khabar
    - Many more 

    Advanced Intermediary- 3 Months- 80 Hours


    Advanced sentences for speaking in different circumstances

    -2000 key words to speak and understand a communication.


    Letter writing

    3- Grammar 

    - Active and Passive Voice
    - Forms of the Verb
    - Verbal Noun - المَصْدَر
    -Many more 

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    Global Solution Professional Training would like to introduce our-self as cutting edge Training Institute offering vast course content catering to various industries across the market. An ISO certified body and approved from KHDA, Government of Dubai. We define, build and execute customized Training solutions which are cost effective and user friendly. Extensive, hands-on exercises provide students with the practical experience and confidence to apply their learning to the workplace.
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