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    Russian is a widely spoken language , used as the first and official language in the entire region neighboring Russia. People from this region speak very little English, and hence communication is mostly done in Russian. Russian language is an asset for those who wish to interact with Russians, know about their culture or engage in business.
    This Course is designed to make the learner comfortably conversant Russian language , to be able to conduct basic conversation in Russian as a medium of communication. The emphasis is on learning the basic structure and phrases for practical communication. This course gives a familiarity with the Russian alphabet; and also makes learning easier as it is fully transcribed in the English script, giving the benefit of both learning the language and understanding its meaning.
    Who is this course for?
    This course is especially designed for those learners who desire to learn the Russian language for various reasons –
    1. Learning a new language
    2. Learning the language of the masters of story writing like Leo Tolstoy.
    3. Learning the language of an ancient empire; and a vibrant culture; for cultural interaction.
    4. Learning Russian for Business purpose. Russia is big advanced business market and to penetrate this market, knowing Russian is an inevitably important asset.
    5. For travellers who want to explore Russia or its neighbouring Russian speaking coutries.
    How will the learner benefit?
    1. Learn the Language for enhanced multilingual communication.
    2. Enhance cultural understanding which forms the basis for understanding Business Cultures.
    3. Enhance business opportunities in the Russian region
    4. Travellers, desirous of savouring their senses with the wondrous delights of the Russian region will benefit a lot by knowing the Russian language.
    What will I learn ?
    The Russian language course is designed to emphasize on the phrases used for conversation, along with a knowledge of the Russian alphabets and basic grammatical concepts essential for the basic understanding of language structure. This will facilitate learning by making it practically informative, communicative, instructive and interesting.
    The course is offered in a Spoken Language Module, where the stress is on conversation interaction.
    1. Alphabet - recognizing vowels, consonants and pronunciation signs
    2. Basic phrases -reading and understanding simple sentences
    3. Recognizing Numbers
    4. Nouns, Verbs and Pronouns
    5. Plural and Singular 
    6. Genitive case
    7. About Family-Relationships
    8. About yourself
    9. Using in/at/on
    10. Months, Days and Colors
    11. Food/Drink
    12. Addressing
    13. I love – likes
    14. Giving information
    15. Asking and answering enquiries
    16. Jobs
    17. Saying No
    18. Buying
    19. Travelling
    How will I benefit from taking this course?
    • Practical instructive and organized learning
    • Experienced and Qualified Native Russian Trainer
    • Competitively affordable
    • Structured content
    • Systematically delivered
    • The course will enhance intercultural relationships
    • Enhance communication and interaction skills
    What career paths will be open to me?
    Very useful for people who want to be
    • Tour guides
    • Executives or staff in markets/malls
    • Business men
    • Language Translators
    How will I be assessed?
    Assessment will be done in the form of a written test conducted at the end of course; and on the basis of progress of the candidate in the class.

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