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The Russian language is one of the most widespread languages in the world - the fifth one among all languages according to the general number of speakers and the eighth one according to the number of it's owners as native speakers. Also, the Russian language is the most widespread Slavonic language and the most popular in Europe - geographically and according to the number of native speakers.

Russian is the official language of the Russian Federation, one of the official languages in Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and others, the basic language of international communication in central Eurasia, in Eastern Europe, in the countries of the former Soviet Union, one of six active languages in UNO, UNESCO and other international organizations. 

The number of the Russian language owners in Russia is 137.5 million people (2010), and about 260 million people totally in the world (2014). 

Currently study of Russian is becoming more relevant. Our center gives the opportunity to study Russian as native or foreign for you and your children in good conditions and, to a high level.

Russian as native according to the school program:

This course is designed for children temporary staying in UAE, or those who attend English schools but eager to continue studying their native language. 

Our center's educational programs completely align to school programs for each form of the Russian educational system.

Russian as foreign language:

In our center you can study Russian as foreign language.

The program is suitable for children and grown-ups from mixed families, for businessmen dealing with Russian-speaking organizations and so on.

There are two paths:

  •  Certified modules. 
  • Non-certified modules. 

Certified modules:

There is a special division of language skills level and language communication competence, which are offered by Pushkin State Institute of the Russian language. Our center follows this classification:

  • A1 The elementary communication level (Breakthrough Level) 
  • A2 Waystage Level 
  • B1 Threshold Level 
  • B2 Advantage Level 
  • C1 Effective operational proficiency Level 
  • C2 Mastery Level
Non-certified courses:

  •  Non-certified courses of Russian as foreign mean study according to the inner program of our center with using of up-to-date tutorials and methods.

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