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Routing and Swtiching for Systems Engineers(RSSE) v1.0 teaches learners how to plan activities that provide a technical description of solutionspresented to customers and point out specific advantages of slecting Cisco Solutions as part of a System Engineer and field Engineer team effort. It will prepare the learnerdevelop a detailed network design for the customer's advanced routing and switching needs, including Border Gateway Protocol (BG), Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Quality of Service (QOS), High Availabilty (HA), and IP version 6 (IPv6).

Target Audience

  • Cisco Premier Channel Partner Systems Engineers
  • Cisco Customer Systems Engineers


  • Describe detailed technical features of BGP, and plan BGP implementations
  • Describe advantages and features of a Cisco MPLS solution, and plan MPLS implementations
  • Describe and plan Cisco solutions for QoS in a voice and video integrated network
  • Provide requirements and design for a high availability design at layers 1, 2 and 3
  • Plan for an IPV6 address design, including migration
  • Describe the current Cisco product line for both switching and routing with an emphasis on when and where to recommend the various platforms

Course Outline

Course Introduction

  • Determining the Need for BGP
  • Reviewing BGP
  • Defining BGP Path Attributes
  • Designing a BGP Transit AS
  • Solving IBGP Scalability Issues
  • Examining Practical BGP Design Examples Maps

Understanding and Designing MPLS Solutions

  • Reviewing BGP
  • Defining MPLS Concepts
  • Describing MPLS Label Distribution in Frame-Mode MPLS
  • Describing MPLS Label Distribution in Frame-Mode MPLS

Planning a Campus QoS Implementation

  • Reviewing BGP
  • QoS Toolset - Classification and Marking
  • QoS Toolset - LAN Classification and Marking
  • QoS Toolset - Congestion Management

Designing a High Availability Campus Network

  • Determining the Need for a High Availability Network
  • Planning for Layer 3 High Availability
  • Planning for Layer 2 High Availability
  • Planning for Hardware and Software Redundancy on Modular Switches
  • Planning for Redundancy with Stacked Switches
  • Defining HA Best Practices in the Campus Network

Describing and Designing IPv6 Networks

  • Introducing IPv6 Features and Benefits
  • Defining the IPv6 Addressing Architecture
  • Defining Advanced IPv6 Features
  • Examining Routing Protocol Enhancements in IPv6
  • Examining IPv6 Integration and Migration options
  • Designing an IPv6 Deployment

Designing Cisco Networks and Choosing Cisco Products

  • Designing a Cisco Network
  • Choosing Cisco Routing and Switching Solutions

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