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Robotics Course Outline :

-       Familiarization

·       Download and Install the Arduino IDE

·       Arduino Board Overview

·       Arduino IDE and Sketch Overview Basics

-       System components

·       sensors

·       actuators

·       controllers

-       Electric/Electronic circuits

·       Breadboards & KCL/KVL

·       Diodes and transistors

-       Basics

·       Blink an LED

·       digitalRead() and Serial Port Communication

·       analogRead() and Serial Port Communication

·       Reading Analog Pins and Converting the Input to a Voltage

·       Fade an LED Control

-       Control

·       If Statement Conditionals

·       For Loop Iteration

·       Arrays

·       Switch Case Statement

·       Switch Case Statements and Keyboard Input Digital

-       Digital

·       Blink an LED Without using the delay() Function

·       Using a Button

·       State Change Detection and the Modulo Operator

·       Debouncing a Button Analog

-       Analog

·       Analog I/O and Serial Communications

·       Analog Input

·       Calibration

·       Smoothing Data Extra

·       Multi-Dimensional Arrays AKA Matrix

Updated on 08 November, 2017

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