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Session 1  Introduction o Building Information Modelling o Revit Architecture  History  Features  Projects  Project Templates  Default Project Template  Revit File Types  Exploring the User Interface  Building Elements  Revit Elements and Families  Starting a Project

2  Drawing Aids  Project Units  Listening and Temporary Dimensions  Levels o Adding Levels o Modifying Levels o Level Properties o Creating New Level Element Type o Constrain Level Lines o Remove Level Lines  Walls o Drawing a plan as per dimension

3  Walls o Wall Properties o Arc Walls o Creating a wall element type o Compound Structure o Vertically Compound Walls o Adding Sweeps and Reveals o Wall Shapes and Openings o Stacked Walls  Wall Joins  Working with Grids

4  Editing Commands o Move o Copy o Paste  Editing Pasted Elements  Paste Aligned o Create Similar o Rotate o Mirror o Array o Scale o Trim / Extend o Offset o Align  Doors o Placing Doors o Door Properties o Load From Family  Windows o Placing Windows o Window Properties  Constraint Doors / Windows  Match  Visibility Graphics  Tape Measure

5  Components o Loading Component o Placing Components o Modifying Properties o Introduction to Modern Medium Library  Managing Views o Floor Plan View o Ceiling Plan View o Cutting a Plan View o Plan Region o Elevation View o Section View o 3D Views o Cropping a View o Visibility and Graphics Display o View Templates

6  Dimensions o Temporary Dimensions o Permanent Dimensions  Constraints o Applying and Removing Constraints

7  Floors o Creating Floors o Placing Elements on a Sloped Floor  Ceilings o Creating Ceilings

8  Roofs o Roof by Footprint o Roof by Extrusion o Join/unjoin roofs o Roof Ridges  Openings o On Face o Vertical Opening o Shaft opening o Dormer opening o Wall opening

9  Curtain Walls o Creating Curtain Walls o Curtain Grids o Mullions o Reshaping Curtain Wall Panels o Merging Curtain Wall Panels o Adding Curtain Door Panel  Embedded Walls

10  Stairs o Creating Stairs o Stair Calculator o Modifying Stairs o Stair Properties  Ramp  Railing

11 & 12  Massing o Introduction o Creating In-Place Masses using Forms  Extrusion  Revolve  Sweeps  Loft o Modifying Forms  Adding an Edge to a Form  Adding a Profile to a Form  Rehosting Forms o Surface Forms  Rationalizing Surface  Patterning Surface o Mass Family o Creating Building Elements  Walls  Mass Floors  Curtain System  Roofs

13  Text & Tag  Callout views  Creating Details o Inserting a Detail Component o Repeating Detail  Drafting Views o Import from CAD  Reference Callouts

14  Schedules o Introduction o Creating Schedule and Quantities o Custom Parameters o Modifying Schedules o Material Takeoff o Exporting Schedule

15  Rooms o Room Plans o Room Separation Line and Boundaries o Room Schedule o  Areas o Area Schemes o Area Plans o Area Boundaries o Area Tags o Color Schemes  Legend Views  Keynotes

16  Structural Modelling o Structural Template o Structural Component Families o Structural Columns o Beams o Joins and Cutback o Beam System o Braces o Structural Walls o Foundations o Structural Floor

17  Sheet o Title Block o Adding a Sheet o Adding Views to a Sheet o Modifying a View on a Sheet o Creating a Title Sheet  Printing

18  Lights  Rendering  Walkthrough  Solar Studies

19  Site Design o Creating Toposurface o Contours  Contour line Label o Modifying Toposurface  Subregion  Split  Merge o Building Pads o Graded Regions o Parking Components o Site Components

20  Working in a Team o Introduction o Worksets

21  Working with Linked Models o Linking Revit Models o Nested Link o Managing Links o Shared Positioning o Acquiring and Publishing Coordinates

22  Design Option  Project Phasing  Export

23  Materials  Decal  Interference Checking  Customizing Project Settings o Fill Patterns o Line Styles and Line Weights o Line Patterns  Import / Link  Groups

24  In-Place Families o Setting Work Planes o Creating and Modifying In-Place Families

25  Family Creation o Introduction o Creating a Swing Door Family

26  Family Creation o Creating a Sliding Window Family o Creating Arch Window Family
Updated on 09 October, 2017

Eligibility / Requirements

- No prior experience required to take this course
- Candidate should be from civil engineering /Architecture/Interior background,
- ITI/ Diploma/Degree/BTech/Mtech Cand do this course

About CADD Mastre Training Services

CADD MASTRE is a Central India's leading CAD/CAM/CAE/CFD/PPM Training Company, committed to building a skilled manpower pool for Regional & global industry requirements. The company which was set up in 2007, to help the Manufacturing & Construction industry overcome its human resource challenges, offering learning solutions to Individuals, Enterprises and Engineering and Polytechnic Institutions in India.
CADD MASTRE Offering services for Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Architecture and Interior Streams for Training, Projects & Placements, CADD MASTRE's expertise in learning, content development, training delivery and education process management make it the most preferred training partner,
CADD Mastre Join Hands With World Leader in CAD, CAE & PPM for Training and Software Sales, Our Franchise Module Also helps the Individuals to become a Part of promising CAD/CAM/CAE/CFD/PPM education in India and oversees Today, more and more students are opting to upgrade their skills and CADD MASTRE has emerged as their preferred destination for quality education.

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