Autodesk® Revit® software comes with an extensive library of walls, wall sweeps, doors, windows, slabs, roofs, stairs, handrails, etc. However, architects and draftsmen often need to create custom styles to meet the design needs. This course focuses on the detail aspects of the building elements as well as site and rendering tools.


Participants will be able to use Revit Architecture to design complex architectural elements to construct buildings with complex foundations, walls, curtain walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, stairs, railings, posts and beams, and ramps. They will also learn how to create rooms, room tags, areas, and area plans. Other topics include creating baluster and window batten families, advance materials, site tools, and more rendering skills.

As this course progresses, participants will receive guidelines on how to start a new building project and create elements as part of the implementation program. By the end of this course, participants should be comfortable using Revit as a design tool.


People who wish to go beyond the essential skills learned in the fundamentals course. This course is for architects, interior designers, and anyone who is involved in drawing architectural designs.


  • Creating the Basement
  • Object Styles Overview
  • Walls Overview
  • Creating the Main Floor
  • Creating the Second Floor
  • Curtain Walls Overview
  • Curtain Wall Exercises
  • Roofs Overview
  • Creating Roofs
  • Beams Overview
  • Columns Overview
  • Creating Decks, Posts, and Beams
  • Stairs Overview
  • Stairs Exercises
  • Completing the Building Circulation
  • Railings Overview
  • Creating Railings for the House
  • Ramps Overview
  • Ramp Exercises
  • Tiled Floors and Skirting
  • Ceilings Overview
  • Creating Ceilings
  • Doors, Windows, Families
  • Rooms & Areas
  • Sites
  • Advance Material and Rendering

ETC was established in February 2005 by Mr. Naji Sfeir, author, engineer and experienced professor. Mr. Sfeir teaches computer graphics at ALBA, AUB, LAU, and NDU Universities. In 1987, he graduated from The Ohio State University as an industrial and systems engineer. He is currently an Autodesk, an Adobe and a V-Ray certified instructor.

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