General objective:

  • How to respond to terrorist threats packages.
  • How to use the devices and equipment in the inspection and processing.

A brief overview of the Course:

  • Give participants information about the people explosives and how to deal with them.
  • Use modern equipment used in dealing with explosives.
  • Modern equipment used in inspection.
  • Ways of dealing with suspicious packages.
  • Professional use of suit dealing with explosives.
  • Operating machines and inspection.
  • Wear and take off protective suit for explosives.
  • Lightning and explosives blew up in the field of explosion.

Training methods:

  • Present Documentary films about Response to Terrorist threats packages.
  • Practical training in the field of Response to Terrorist threats packages.
  • Practical applications of Response to Terrorist threats packages.
  • Present recorded films about Response to Terrorist threats packages.

ASC was established in March 2007 by Dr. Bahaa Hasan, the chairman of the company. After a Career focused on security for 26 years , Dr. Bahaa identified a need for a qualified , competent , experienced and imperial company available to guide individuals and organizations on risk mitigation and the maze of what has become a highly populated market place of manufacturers and installers of security products and systems.

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