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One of the biggest challenges for project managers is resource management. Effective resource management requires project managers to plan their resources carefully and then to monitor and manage their resources by constantly looking ahead to anticipate problems before they occur.

The course will cover resource planning skills and will ensure delegates are aware of the various tools and techniques that can be employed to resolve resource problems in advance. We will also address how to deal with sudden resource changes. The day is based around a ‘live’ case study which requires delegates to plan their resources and then deal with a variety of challenges that will typically face them in the real world.

Is it right for me?

Suitable for project managers, project office support staff and those working in a project scenario who need to manage the availability of resources (people).

The course will benefit both those developing their skills from scratch or those who are looking to refresh existing skills.

Please note that this workshop does not address issues such as motivation, performance management or influencing and persuading. If these latter skills are required delegates will be more suited to our 'Influencing Stakeholders - The Skills in a Day' course.

What will I learn?

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Use OBS, WBS and RAM/RACI diagrams to help you plan your resource requirements
  • Appreciate the value of stating your key resource requirements at the ‘concept’ phase
  • Understand the importance of defining roles and responsibilities at a project launch meeting
  • Use Gantt charts, histograms and resource ‘S’ curves to help you plan and manage your resources
  • Recognise how modern project management software can ease the burden of resource management
  • Use ‘crashing’, ‘fast tracking’ and other techniques to manage your resources during the project
  • Anticipate resource problems earlier, more effectively and determine effective solutions
  • Appreciate the key resource actions as part of project closure
  • Understand the need to plan resources for post project benefits reviews

Pre-course Activity

In order to maximise the learning, delegates are provided with some reading prior to the workshop, so they can familiarise themselves with the project scenario they will be using.

The pre-course activity is accessed online on the Hemsley Fraser Delegate Learner Portal.

What will it cover?

Resource Management and the ‘Concept’ Phase

  • Being clear of the key resources, without whom your project shouldn’t start
  • How software tools can help in the ‘concept’ phase

Resource Management – the Detailed Planning

  • The importance of a project launch meeting with resourcing in mind
  • Using OBS, WBS and RAM/RACI diagrams to confirm the required resources
  • Understanding why it’s worth developing a network, Gantt charts, histograms and ‘S’ curves
  • Using software tools to help you plan
  • Recognising the need to anticipate post project resourcing requirements

Managing Resources During the Project ‘Development’ Phase

  • Using a network, Gantt chart, histogram and ‘S’ curve to aid resource management
  • The need to identify critical tasks and the location of float
  • The advantages of splitting activities
  • How to ‘fast track’ or ‘crash’ a schedule
  • How to avoid the ‘nuclear option’ when approaching your project sponsor
  • Other techniques for resource management and their uses
  • Can you access a project office support group?
  • Using software tools to help you anticipate resourcing problems

Project Closure and Resource Implications

  • Using your resources to evaluate the project
  • Carrying out dis-banding and re-deployment activities
  • The need to celebrate final success

Resourcing Activities Post-Project

  • The requirement to plan for and resource ‘follow-on-actions’
  • Planning for benefits realisation reviews and their resourcing
  • Recognising that resourcing business integration work is critical to project success

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