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Modern equipment is now so complex and the consequences of failure are so serious that it is no longer possible to develop viable physical asset management strategies using traditional approaches. An array of proven analytical techniques and management processes are now available to deal systematically with the most pressing issues confronting the managers of physical assets. Many of these techniques overlap and therefore need to be applied in a coherent and efficient manner.

RCM2 is the leading RCM methodology used to determine the maintenance requirements of any physical asset in its operating context. It is used to decide what must be done to ensure that any physical asset, system or process continues to do whatever its users want it to do. The RCM2 process seeks to identify a suitable failure management policy for dealing with each failure mode in the light of its consequences and technical characteristics. The RCM2 process provides precise criteria for deciding how often routine tasks should be done.

What will I learn?

  • Learn what Reliability-centered Maintenance is and how it works (extensive use is made of practical exercises and case studies throughout the course)
  • Gain an understanding of what RCM2 achieves and how it achieves it
  • Gain an appreciation of the resources needed to apply RCM2 successfully
  • Become familiar about how they can implement RCM2 in their plants.

Target Audience

  • Responsible for the maintenance function (maintenance anagers, engineering managers, supervisors and technical specialists)
  • Responsible for the assets themselves (plant managers and production/operations managers)
  • With special responsibility for safety and environmental integrity
  • Who actually maintain and operate equipment
  • Anyone wishing to secure optimum performance from any physical assets, from the viewpoint of safety, environmental integrity, output, product quality or customer service.

How will I benefit?

  • Greater motivation of individuals
  • Better team work
  • Greater maintenance cost effectiveness
  • Improved availability, reliability and operating performance
  • Greater safety and environmental integrity

Will I receive a certificate of completion?
After the completion of this course the delegates will receive an international certificate from aladon.

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