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Recombinant DNA technology can be defined as the manipulation of DNA outside an organism for the purpose of constructing new strains with altered properties. It is considered one of the most exciting areas of biology today, and the magnitude of the biological revolution it has produced is only beginning to be felt. The ability to manipulate genes from both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms has opened up a new era in the study of fundamental questions in biology, as well as given us the potential tools for producing a vast array of compounds using microorganisms in biotechnological applications affecting medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical resources. In this laboratory intensive course, we will discuss in theory and practice the techniques involved in genetic engineering, some of the applications of these techniques, and the implications of this technology to our everyday life.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand gene structure and function
  • Construct recombinant DNA molecules using DNA restriction and ligation enzymes
  • Prepare cloning vectors, e.g., Plasmids
  • Introduce the cloned genes in host cell through transformation
  • Assess the level of host cell expression from the recombinant DNA genes


The course is designed for researchers, professionals and university students interested in recombinant DNA technology and its application in various fields.


High School Diploma, B.Sc. or higher degree in biological sciences.

About Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

KISR is a pioneering, independent, national institute of scientific excellence. KISR’s initial role was dedicated to developing three fields of national importance: petroleum, desert agriculture, and marine biology. Since then, KISR’s role and responsibilities have expanded greatly to include the advancement of national industry and the undertaking of studies to address key challenges, such as the preservation of the environment, sustainable management of Kuwait’s natural resources, responsible management of water and energy, and development of innovative methods of agriculture.

KISR’s approach to meeting challenges is distinguished by a culture of openness, a commitment to our clients, and an integrated, cross-disciplinary approach. KISR routinely embarks on strategic partnerships with other regional and international institutes, agencies, and academic bodies, allowing an exchange of knowledge and expertise. Today, KISR is home to over 580 researchers and engineers and over 100 laboratories, housed at 8 locations, with growth expected through the implementation of a new strategic plan. KISR conducts scientific research and performs technological consultations, often in partnership with other regional and international institutions, for governmental and industrial clients in Kuwait, the Gulf region, and the rest of the world. These partnerships, driven by a philosophy of collaboration that runs deep within our culture, help build up our knowledge base, and facilitate the free flow of information, data, and expertise. This adds value to our clients’ business and ensures that the resources needed to confront the challenges They face are always available on demand.

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