R12.X Oracle Payroll Fundamentals: Configuration (Global) Egabi Learn

This course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 or Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.

After completing this class you should be able to explain how payment methods relate to a payroll and then configure the required number of payrolls and payment methods for your employees.You should also be able to maintain taxes such as PAYE and NIC; and maintain payments for tax credits and student loans.Learn To:Configure a payrollSet up rganizational payment methodsMaintain employer taxesMaintain employee taxesUnderstand what costing set up is required to cost your payrolls.

Course Objectives :

Configure a payroll to process basic earnings elements and statutory deductions Maintain employer and employee statutory deductions and taxes.

Course Topics:

  • R12.1 Payroll Configuration - Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Topics
  • Payroll Configuration Fundamentals
  • Paying Your Employees
  • Choosing Single or Multiple Payment Methods
  • Choosing Single or Multiple Currencies
  • Choosing Single or Multiple Payrolls
  • Understanding the Criteria that Define a Payroll
  • Defining Payrolls for Your Organization
  • Understanding Payment Method Types
  • Defining Payment Methods
  • Consolidating Results for Several Payrolls
  • Defining a Payroll
  • Understanding Pay Calendars
  • Entering Further Information for a Payroll
  • Allocating a Payroll Contact
  • Maintaining PAYE and NI
  • Copyright © 2012, Oracle. All rights reserved. Page 1
  • PAYE and NI
  • Essential Information for PAYE and NI
  • Sources of Essential Information
  • Entering PAYE and NI Details for an Employee
  • Entering NI Details for a Director
  • Maintaining Other Deductions
  • Maintaining Student Loans
  • Maintaining Tax Credits
  • Costing Overview
  • The Oracle HRMS Costing Solution
  • Cost Distribution in HR
  • Handling Rule-based Costing
  • Managing Exceptions to Costing Rules
  • Processing Costs
  • Overview of Costing and the Payroll Process
  • Costing Processes in Oracle Payroll
  • Making Partial Period Accruals
  • Previewing Cost Allocations
  • Sub-ledger Accounting
  • Running Retro-Costing
  • Costing Your Payments
  • Processing Costs
  • R12.1 Payroll Configuration Fundamentals - Summary
  • R12.1 Payroll Configuration - Summary
  • Copyright

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