Quantity Surveying Certification Integrated Management Training & Consultancy (IMTC)
Price: OMR 419
  • Locations: Oman
  • Duration: 60 Hours
  • Timings Flexible

    Course details

    This program is intended to provide you with the clear understanding of quantity surveying methods and practices.

    The objective of the course is to explain the fundamental principles of estimating, costing, tendering, and also to give you a clear understanding of construction contracts and the principles and procedures involved in the financial administration of contracts.

    Key Topics

    • The basic principles of estimating and costing
    • Construction contracts
    • Tendering and Procurement
    • Preparation of BOQ and tender documentations
    • Prime cost and provisional sum
    • Interim payment applications and certifications
    • Variations and additional works
    • Extension of time for Completion
    • Final Accounts
    • Introduction to dispute resolution

    Learning Outcome

    • The participants will gain a clear and general understanding of the process and operation of a construction contract, various procurement options available and the selection of appropriate form of contract in a given situation. 
    • The delegates will be able to understand the basics of estimating and costing, the preparation of BOQ and tender documentations and the tendering procedure followed by the contractors.
    • They will also be able to understand the practices and procedures involved in the prime cost and provisional sum, preparation / review of payment applications, variations, extension of time claims and the Final Accounts.
    • They will also gain a broad understanding of the dispute resolution techniques that are generally encountered in the construction industry.

    Target Audience

    Quantity Surveyors, Contracts managers, project managers, coordinators & others related to quantity surveying and contracting.

    This program is appropriate for people with experience in the construction industry but with limited qualifications, or those wishing to take the first step in changing to a career in quantity surveying. Although the subjects would be taught mainly for those employed in or expecting to be employed in the contractor’s organizations, much of it is applicable to the duties of quantity surveyors who are working with the consultants and the clients.

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    About Integrated Management Training & Consultancy (IMTC)

    IMTC Group has been established primarily to satisfy the needs of Individuals, Institution and Industries through education, training and consulting. Many people reach a saturation in their career after sometime since the experiential knowledge is only limited to the opportunity available in the workplace. But few come out successfully because of their attention to looking at learning opportunities beyond the boundaries of the workplace. Similarly many organisations focus on the current needs of the development which would be useful for sustaining the business. There are a few organisations which invest in future which is what makes them different from others and be a world-class. The focus of such organisations is to invest in human capital through training and development.

    There are many factories in the form of colleges and universities which produces qualified graduates year on year. But there is a huge gap between the capability available and the requirement of the industry. Many organisations have to spend big sums of money to prepare the students have a smooth transition from Institute to Industry. Institutes which look into the needs of the industry rather than concentrating only on the academic curriculum are very few.

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