Statistics explain the degree of variability and risk in the market that a business operates. By understanding the complex interactions between factors that affect profits, costs and productivity you will be able to interpret data intelligently and make informed business decisions.

This program also introduces basic concepts of performance, encouraging you to explore activities that illustrate human behavior in order to develop your communication skills. Motivation, intention, actions and tactics are analyzed as drivers of high performance.

Main objectives:

  • Using data to make informed business decisions,
  • Determining if associations are real or chance events,
  • Examining how simplifying analyses can lead to misleading findings,
  • Using yourself as an instrument of communication, using both physical and vocal characteristics.

Qatar is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and is thus a very attractive business destination.

The economic growth of Qatar has been mainly based on its petroleum and natural gas industries. HoTheyver, according to the Qatar National Vision, economic policy is focused on developing  non-energy sectors. The aim is to transform the current carbon-based economy to an advanced, competitive and knowledge-based economy.

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