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Mistake Proofing, also known as Poka Yoke, is a powerful problem-solving technique that provides fast, accurate and effective solutions to most manufacturing-related problems. Its analysis methods can be used for all processes, whether they are technical or transactional.
Developed by Dr. Shigeo Shingo in 1961, it aims to achieve ultra-low defect levels by tackling human errors in the workplace head-on. Shown to be remarkably successful, Mistake Proofing programs and applications can now be found worldwide. This technique is most often deployed in production and design processes and is commonly integrated into many improvement programs and quality systems.
To become a world-class competitor, an organization must adopt a philosophy and practices of producing zero-defects. Mistake Proofing methods are one of the proven means of achieving this goal.

This course aims to assist the participants to:
 Understand the concept of zero quality control environment and mistake proofing concepts and how mistake-proof systems and devices are applied to prevent mistakes from becoming defects.
 Select and acquire the use of various mistake-proof methods in different situations.
 Develop a system that will automatically detect and correct error at every stage.


This course is particularly suitable for and benefit to Quality Engineers, Quality Managers, Process Improvement Managers, Business Process Owners, Process Specialists or any personnel involved in Technical, Maintenance, Production, Process Control and Improvement activities.

I. Overview
i. Introduction to Zero Quality Control (ZQC)
a. Why mistakes are made?
b. Strategies for Zero Defects
ii. Introduction to Mistake Proofing
a. The purpose of Mistake Proofing
b. Mistake proofing principle and concept
c. Mistake proofing methods
II. Mistake Proofing Steps
i. Process mapping
ii. FMEA Analysis
iii. Root Cause Analysis
iv. Develop Mistake Proofing Solutions
v. Verify and Implement Mistake Proofing Solutions
vi. Develop Control Plan

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