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This course is designed to provide Quality Management training for inpiduals who are interested in obtaining a background into this field and understanding the importance of Quality Management in any business. The course will introduce participants to recent advances and trends in the field, along with best practices. Participants will learn about the history, goals and values of quality management and about quality culture. They will also learn about ISO 9000 standards and Baldrige regulations, along with the similarities

and differences between them. The course will give broad training on strategic planning, customer and market focus and data analysis. Participants will also gain practical knowledge through case studies and analyzing real-life work situations.

Course Introduction

  • The course will begin with participant introductions and a discussion of the topics that will be covered in this course. Students will receive an outline of the course and will have an opportunity to ask questions regarding the content. In addition, students will be asked to analyze their learning objectives from this course.

What is Quality Management?

  • Participants will be introduced to what Quality Management means and how it can be used in a business setting. The historical development of quality management will also be studied in order to give participants an understanding as to why and how this particular area has developed over time.

Goals, Values and Principles

Quality Management

  • This session will provide participants into an understanding of the goals, values and principles guiding quality management. Gaining an understanding of this is important because it provides a thorough foundational knowledge of quality management to build upon.

Quality Culture vs Traditional Culture

  • Understanding a company as a system involves understanding it as a quality culture. This session introduces participants into the difference between a company with traditional culture and one with quality culture. Students will also learn the values of a quality culture and how it applies to the areas of a business.

ISO 9000

  • This session will concentrate on ISO 9000 standards as a tool for business improvement.
  • Students will understand the original intent and use for ISO 9000, along with its evolution and modern day purpose. Students will also gain a foundational knowledge into ISO 9000 standards such that should they choose to obtain their certification in this, they will have basic knowledge and understanding.


  • This session will introduce students to the Baldrige regulations as a tool for business improvement. Students will learn about the original intent and use for Baldrige regulations, along with its evolution and modern day purpose. Students will also understand the differences and similarities between ISO 9000 and Baldrige.

Quality Control Systems and Tools

  • This session discusses quality control tools that can be used in a variety of business settings.

Quality Management

  • and QC tools. They will also study statistical process control, design of experiments and failure mode and effects analysis.

QM in Leadership, Organizational and HR Issues

  • This section will introduce participants to a variety of management styles and theories.
  • Participants will learn about motivational concepts and typical organizational structures.
  • They will understand the roles that exist in teamwork and the evolution of teamwork that has occurred in order to make teams more effective. They will learn about Mager's model for analyzing performance problems and Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluating training effectiveness.

Strategic Planning

  • The section on strategic planning will be a brief overview on some of the key concepts involved in strategic planning. The topics covered will include creating mission, vision and values statements. Participants will also learn to conduct a SWOT analysis, a gap analysis and benchmarking.

Focusing on the Market and the Customer

  • This section will introduce students to obtaining knowledge about the customer and to conduct market segmentation. Students will learn about the process of obtaining customer feedback and surveying these results graphically. They will also learn methods of enhancing the customer relationship.

Quality Management

  • Information and Analysis
  • Statistical thinking and analysis is an important component of quality management.
  • Participants will learn to assure the reliability of measure, manage facts, analyze data and to process control with control charts in order to ensure that any required specifications can be met.

Process Management

  • The area of process management involves learning to maintain the current state. Participants will also learn about world class improvement processes and best practices that they can apply to their own work environment. This session will also broadly cover the areas of supplier quality management, project management and ways to improve results.

Any Questions?

  • The course will end with a review of the concepts learned and a question and answer session.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to create an action plan based on what they have learned and they will fill out a feedback survey about the course.

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