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Quality is a much talked-about concept yet there are many different ideas about what quality, and particularly quality management, involves. At one time quality was simply regarded as a conformance system: i.e. the product or service conformed to the specification laid down. This was the era of “quality control” where, in car manufacturing for example, the responsibility for quality rested with quality control inspectors who checked the finished cars as they rolled-off the production line. Modern quality systems work on the basis of “quality assurance” or “total quality management” that embeds quality and the responsibility for it firmly at every stage in the process and with every individual involved. Customers instinctively know what quality is in the delivery of a product or service – and they certainly know when they do not get it! Buses that are late, dirty trains, unexplained delays at airports, goods damaged in transit and late deliveries due to vehicle breakdowns will all be recognized instantly as examples of poor quality.

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This course aims at defining quality and explaining the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) as well as describing the various components of TQM systems and positioning them within the context of logistics and transport activities.

About The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

CILT Egypt is the local branch of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport – CILT International - the premiere professional body for those engaged in sectors related to transport and logistics. Established in 1919 and receiving its Royal Charter in 1926, CILT has an exciting history behind it, but is always adapting to stay consistent with current logistics and transport issues. 

The principal objective of the Institute is “To promote and encourage the art and science of logistics and transport” through both its membership and networking activities and its educational qualifications.

As the sole representative of CILT in Egypt, we are responsible for the promotion and administration of institute membership. CILT Egypt is also entrusted oversight of professional qualifications delivery by accredited training providers.

CILT Egypt also provides support to policy makers and practitioners in both government and the private sector in the elaboration and implementation of strategies and action plans that serve to improve their performance and increase their competitiveness.

It is also worth mentioning that CILT Egypt offers its members the opportunity to establish links with logistics and transport practitioners around the globe as well as have access to interna-tional best practice in logistics and transport through their participation in forums, symposia, conferences and seminars organized by the CILT Community worldwide as well as other international and regional organisations. 

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