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Effective and responsive purchasing is a key to the success of modern organisations. Buyers need to manage their time to balance the requirement for high quality materials and services with the lowest prices and low administrative costs.

It is a well established fact that an organization can perform no better than its suppliers. This fact along with greater demands for lower prices and continuous improvement in all aspects of supply management make supplier assessment and performance measurement critical processes in world-class organizations. Yet it is acknowledged that a majority of enterprises are less than satisfied with their ability to consistently select the best suppliers or measure and manage supplier and contractor performance.

On the other hand, Productive management of the stores and inventory control function is essential to the dynamic support of an organization’s operations.

Likewise, Negotiation is considered as a key skill for success in modern business. Although it is an everyday activity, that all of us engage in regularly, but that a few people excel at and are able to use to their advantage. This course explores the process and practices of negotiating, and helps delegates to develop and refine their skills in a no risk environment so that they can negotiate successfully in all situations.

Course Summary 

  • The course covers all the essential skills needed by Buyers to be effective in obtaining value for money for their organisations, and effective management of the stores and inventory control functions.
  • The course will focus on the performance of an organization’s entire supply chain, the key areas of managing stores and inventory personnel as well as techniques for meeting operational challenges in a highly productive manner.
  • The course will also focus on the process of evaluating, measuring, analyzing, managing supplier selection and performance with the objective of improving quality, reducing costs, reducing risk, and providing continuous improvements in supplier and contractor performance.
  • Participants will eventually be equipped with the knowledge of how to:
  • Structure Buying activities in the way that ensures the best results for the most important purchases, and prioritisation of activities, Provide methods and competencies directed at improving the processes within the buying organization, and Use the powerful methods and proven techniques for improving personal negotiation effectiveness.

Course Objectives

Participants attending the course will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the different contexts in which purchasing activities take place.
  2. Describe the elements of the generic purchasing cycle and recognise its importance.
  3. Identify how effective purchasing contributes to the profitability and competitiveness of the organisation.
  4. Identify the basic documents and records used in the purchasing process.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the issues in holding stock.
  6. Explain how purchase needs are established and communicated.
  7. Explain how quotations from suppliers are obtained and analysed in order to ensure that requirements are met.
  8. Identify potential problems during the purchasing cycle.
  9. Demonstrate an understanding of the different reasons for working and dealing with suppliers.
  10. Explain the different approaches that can be adopted in sourcing supplies.
  11. Understand the importance of negotiating with suppliers and to explain the different approaches to negotiating.
  12. Assist with the ongoing supplier relationships.
  13. Explain the legal framework within which purchasing operates internationally.
  14. Understand the meaning of the term ‘contract’ and to explain why a contract is important.
  15. Determine how the contract is formed and explain the key elements of a valid contract.
  16. Describe the different terms and conditions associated with purchase contracts.
  17. Explain the consequences of a breach of contract.

Organisational Impact

Organisations will be able to:

  1. Boost its profit through better buying, effective negotiation and contract management
  2. Achieve its corporate objectives related to the area of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (P&SCM)
  3. Reduce costs and improve performance.
  4. Capitalise on the benefit of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).
  5. Become abreast of new methodologies used in the P&SCM.
  6. Reduce their total cost of ownership
  7. Achieve Total Quality from Suppliers
  8. Get better return on their investment, and hence satisfy the shareholders
  9. Gain better competitive advantage, and hence satisfy its customers
  10. Identify and Manage Risks in Contracts
  11. Gain market positioning and competitive advantage

Personal Impact

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Develop the right strategies for their organisations
  2. Reduce costs and increase Quality
  3. Negotiate effectively with suppliers
  4. Add value to their organisations
  5. Effectively manage warehouse operations
  6. Achieve maximum performance in inventory management
  7. Apply advanced principles of purchasing and supply chain management
  8. Calculate and manage the stockholding costs
  9. Select the right suppliers
  10. Understand Supplier Assessment Methods
  11. Effectively analyse the supply market
  12. Measure and improve performance of buyers and suppliers
  13. Set objectives for buyers and suppliers
  14. Understand INCOTERMS
  15. Deal with Suppliers Failures and Settle Disputes

Training Methodology

Participants will learn by active participation during the course through the use of exercises, case studies, actions, syndicate and group discussion, share experiences with other delegates from varied industries and discussions on “real life” issues in their organisations.

Teaching Faculty 

  • The Effective Buyer Course is conducted by professional, experienced and knowledgeable lecturers.
  •  Equipped with the required experience and knowledge of purchasing and supply chain management.
  •  Possess MCIPS, MBA and DBA as minimum qualifications, and committed to the teaching profession.
  •  Have more than ten years teaching experience in the purchasing and supply chain management (P&SCM) fields.
  •  Every class is taught by a member of our faculty, and every delegate can count on personal attention from our lecturers. You’ll always be invited to discuss your opinions, seek professional advice, or ask for extra help.

About Logic Institute

Logic Institute for Training and HR Development was formed in Bahrain in 2010. It was founded by a group of highly educated and successful Bahraini who are adamant on developing and improving the level of Training in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Thus, Logic’s management philosophy envisions Logic to be recognized as a leading institution that provides high quality of training, through inspiring its trainees towards their professional development to their outmost performance.

Logic programs are mainly in CIPS, ICM, English Language, IT programmes, Health & Safety (CIEH), Value Engineering , Soft Skills cTheirses, American Petroleum programs (API) and Project Management Professional (PMP). Each section has an experienced head that coordinates and is responsible to the related affairs of the department. Logic is an approved exam center for UK & USA institutions such as CIPS, ICM, CIEH, API, and Value Engineering and it is toward getting other center approvals from various awarding bodies such as LCCI for English, CIPD for human resTheirces, City & Guilds for retail, Cost Engineering and many others.

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