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Learn the foundations of public speaking, while boosting your confidence and leadership skills. This is an interactive and practical training program, much loved by the thousands of speakers who have completed it to-date. You get simple, powerful methods you can implement straight away across your personal and professional spheres of influence. Forget the stress and anxiety of public speaking and learn how to simply be yourself!

Course outline:

  1. Introduction to our public speaking tool box that's based not on 'rules', but on accessing an authentic, personal you.
  2. Learn fresh and courageous communication, including delivering TED style talks.
  3. Learn how to speak with impact, whatever the public speaking scenario.
  4. Discover the key aspects of physical presence and body language and how to use it to influence.
  5. Learn the skills of vocal delivery and how to use them with power.
  6. 10 classic nervous habits in public speaking and how to overcome them.
  7. Building confidence through theory and practice.
  8. Develop your unique presenting style using your own personality, natural traits and talents.

Updated on 22 May, 2019

Eligibility / Requirements

No prior experience required to take this

About Straight Street Group

STRAIGHT STREET MEDIA is a United Arab Emirates-based global marketing and training consultancy, established by leading Australian TV news anchor and author of FACES OF THE MIDDLE EAST, Hermoine Macura.

Specializing in management solutions, training and development across major business sectors, STRAIGHT STREET MEDIA provides, cutting edge soft skill training programs as well as digital, broadcast and print content about the Arab world for local and international clients looking to build bridges between the East and the West. 

Based in the emirate of Dubai, STRAIGHT STREET MEDIA offers an unmatched international team of leading professionals with years of experience and essential market knowledge. 

Combining various cultural, social and geographical perspectives, STRAIGHT STREET MEDIA's cutting edge services are known for being refreshingly prompt, multilingual, original and relevant.

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