Speaking in public can be a nerve-wracking experience for even the most confident communicators. However, an invitation to speak in front of a large audience provides an excellent opportunity to promote your department, your company or your own career. In this workshop, you will learn how to prepare, organize and deliver a great presentation while having the confidence and skill set to keep your audience gripped.


  • What is a good presentation?
  • The Structure of a Presentation
  • Planning and preparing quality presentations
  • Preparing slides
  • Presentation aids and how to use them effectively
  • 3 "V" for effective delivery: Verbal, Visual, Vocal
  • Knowing your audience

Workshop Benefits:

  • Present Technical Information in a Clear, Concise, and Persuasive Manner through Effective Presentations
  • Enhance Voice Projection, Articulation, Pacing, and Fluency
  • Enhance Body Language, Eye Contact, and Gesturing
  • Determine Audience Attitudes and Needs and Overcome Nervousness
  • Identify and Handle Various Types of Audience Questions
  • Project Control and Confidence through Delivery Skills
  • Structure a Presentation to Gain Maximum Effect

Since its founding in 2008, Standards Consultants has become one of the leading organizations in Human Restheirces and Business Management Consultancy and in Training and Development fields in the MENA region with its Headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, and offices in Kuwait city.they, at STANDARDS Consultants, believe that work must be done today to achieve a better tomorrow. they look ahead, understand the local and global markets, and study all trends and forces that shape the business world. That’s what their Vision is all about; a long-term destination where they can exceed their customers’ expectations.

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