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Training Diploma which help you to get to know what the public relations and their roles and their importance and how to deal with others in a professional manner and professionalism. You will also learn the etiquette followed in the occurrence and listen with others in the professional life and official interviews.

Details and axes of the course:
Target group:

  • Public relations staff
  • Employees in jobs related to the public
  • People who wish to learn etiquette and communication arts upscale

Diploma goals:

  • Definition of modern tactics and concepts for the management of the public relations field and its applications
  • Focus on Alastraajy Planning and Public Relations
  • Rehabilitation of public relations officials to gain public communication and customer service skills
  • Definition of the art of etiquette and international protocol.
  • Identify the rules of presentation and understanding and reconciliation.
  • Identify precedents in concerts and official occasions.
  • To identify international rules to talk and listen and body language.
  • How to Setup an official visit to the VIP.

Diploma axes:

  • Definition of public relations and marketing.
  • Public relations in modern society.
  • The psychology of public relations.
  • The functions of public relations.
  • Terms of the success of the public relations program planning.
  • Public relations with internal and external public.
  • Public relations with the media.
  • Public relations with government bodies.
  • Art publications and magazines work.
  • The art of dealing with others.
  • Contemporary concept art and science of etiquette and protocol.
  • Antecedents and methods identified in the events.
  • Etiquette introduction and dating.
  • Etiquette talk.
  • Etiquette listening.
  • The rules of the different body language and gestures.
  • Etiquette official meetings and interviews.
  • Etiquette official banquets.
  • International model for the preparation of official visits.
  • Prepare formal occasions.
  • The opening and closing session of the international, regional and local conferences ceremony.

About Diplomatic Training & Consulting

The center was established recently to include a group of experts in the field or training, and we aim to provide the best learning experience. Our values were set to according to the intellectual needs of the business market. We also break the barriers to give you the ability the gain the necessary knowledge you need for you field and to manage your resources effectively.

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