Psychology: Personality and Behavior Seminar Regional IT Institute
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  • Locations: Zamalek
  • Duration: 1 Day

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A full day workshop examining our personalities and behaviors, what kind of person are we and why do we behave the way we do? This workshop will help you understand yourself and the people you work with. 8 hours of reflection on ourselves, who we really are, the way we operate, and the way others might see us


The origins of psychology

Type A and Type B personalities

Fight or flight? How do you deal with conflict?

What role do you play in a team? A natural leader or a born team-player?

What is your basic personality type?

How do people in our teams and our company behave and why? How does this impact on our overall organizational culture?

Key Benefits

  • By attending the seminar you will:
  • Be able to identify your conflict handling preference scores know the description of your usual behavior, especially in the workplace and especially when working as a team.
  • Have a better understanding of yourself and people around you and categorize your and others' personalities under a certain types, which will help you control your behavior.
  • Get acquainted with the Behavioral Norms.
  • Learn more about People and Task Orientation. 

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About Regional IT Institute

The Regional IT Institute was established in 1992 as a center of excellence for the design, delivery and dissemination of training and professional development programs in a variety of domains and fields aiming at the formulation of world class managers, experts, practitioners and trainers. 

The Regional IT Institute is a non-profit regional training and human resource development institute that, since its inception, was established to become one of the leading institutions in the region in training and professional development. Its mandate is the design and delivery of academic and training development programs to help leverage skills and knowledge in various management, business, and information technology fields. As a regional entity, it serves the region through its operations and activities and the exchange of knowledge and experience with regional institutions through the joint development and implementation in various countries. The Regional IT Institute employs instructors and lecturers from Egypt, the Middle East, Europe, the United States and Canada. 

The Regional IT Institute is a subsidiary of the Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center (RITSEC). RITSEC was founded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Arab Fund for Social & Economic Development (AFSED) and is hosted by the Egyptian government through the Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC), it was conceived by Dr. Hisham El Sherif; RITSEC Chairman to help accelerate the development of the information technology and software engineering industry in the Arab region. As a non-profit organization, it was originally supported financially by contributions from its founders as well as by designing and delivering various projects and activities for sustainable purposes.

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