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Today's ever-changing business environment requires new approaches to Project Management, which has become an important tool for dealing with time-to-market, resources, limitations, downsizing and global competition. As markets and project organizations become more dynamic, administrative and technical skills alone are no-longer sufficient to deal with the complexities of modern project undertakings. In recent years, the Project Management Professional Certification "PMP" from the Project Management Institute "PMI" has become the most sought after certification in the world of project management professionals. This course has been designed as per the PMBOK Guide 5th Edition 2013 to prepare the candidates to go for and pass the PMP exam.


  • Understand the nature and tricks of the PPM Exam.  
  • Understand the new concept of Project Management created by PMI.  
  • Understand the whole areas of knowledge in the PMBOK® "the latest version, 5th edition" which includes: Integration Management, Scope management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Communications Management Risk Management, Procurement Management an Stakeholder Management and correlate them with the processes groups of project management in addition to the Professional and Social Responsibility.  
  • Practice for the Exam.  
  • Determine the gap areas that the candidates may have.  
  • Develop Confidence. 
  • Tips for the Exam 

Who should attend:

Project managers, program managers and project management practitioners who are or will be involved in the areas of engineering, production, data processing, research and development, construction, corporate planning, finance and marketing

This course is of particular importance to executives, managers and supervisors in government and industry who are concerned with effectively managing ventures and projects where cost, schedule and performance of programs must meet rigid requirements.

Daily Outlines:

o Introduction

o Pre-assessment

o Project Management Framework

  • Definitions 
  • Project Management Context 
  • Organizational Influences on Project Management 
  • Project Management Process Groups 

o Project Management Skills

  • Project Management Knowledge Competency 
  • Project Management Performance Competency 
  • Personal Competency 

o Test your knowledge 1

o Project Management Initiation Process Group

  • Develop Project Charter 
  • Identify Stakeholders 

o The role of the Project Management Team in Initiating the Project / Phase.

o Test your knowledge 2

o Project Management Planning Process Group

  • Develop Project Management Plan  
  • Plan Scope Management 
  • Collect Requirements 
  • Define scope
  • Create Work Breakdown Structure 
  • Plan Schedule Management 
  • Define Activities 
  • Sequence Activities 
  • Estimate Activity Resources 
  • Estimate Activity Duration 
  • Develop Schedule 
  • Estimate Cost 
  • Define Budget 
  • Plan Quality Management 
  • Develop Human Resource Plan 
  • Plan Communications Management 
  • Plan Risk Management  
  • Identify Risks 
  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis 
  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis 
  • Perform Risk Response Planning 
  • Plan Procurement 
  • Plan Stakeholder Management 

o The role of the Project Management Team in Planning the Project / Phase.

o Test your knowledge 3

o Project Management Executing Process Group

  • Direct & Manage Project Execution  
  • Perform Quality Assurance 
  • Acquire Project Team 
  • Develop Project Team 
  • Manage Project Team 
  • Manage Communications 
  • Conduct Procurement 
  • Manage Stakeholder Engagement 

o The role of the Project Management Team in Executing the Project / Phase Management Plan.

o Test your knowledge 4

o Project Management Monitoring & Controlling Process group

  • Monitor & Control Project Work" 
  • Perform Integrated Change Control 
  • Validate Scope" 
  • Control Scope 
  • Control Schedule 
  • Control Costs 
  • Control Quality 
  • Control Communications 
  • Control Risks 
  • Control Procurement 

o The role of the Project Management Team in Monitoring & Controlling the Project / Phase Work

o Test your knowledge 5

o Project Management Closing Process Group

  • Close Project / Phase " 
  • Close Procurement 

o The role of the Project Management Team in closing the Project / Phase Work

o Factors affecting Projects Success & Lessons Learned

o Professional & Social Responsibility

  • Core Values 

  1. Responsibility 
  2. Respect 
  3. Fairness 
  4. Honesty 

  • Mandatory Standards 
  • Aspiration Standards 

o Test your knowledge 6

o Final Assessment

o Wrap Up & Course Close Out

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