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As project practitioners, our time is mostly tied up with many project tasks, developing project management plan, managing project risks, monitoring and controlling the activities, managing team issues, etc., to meet the project goals.   We all want our projects to be successful, what other important areas we need to focus to ensure our projects meeting their goals and stakeholder expectations?

The PMBOK® Guide 5th edition expands the “Project Stakeholder Management” into a full chapter.  This is in-line with many research findings that indicate stakeholder engagement is one of the top factors to project success.   What are the key pointers that we need to focus on in this “Stakeholder Management”?   How about your "Project Leadership" skills to lead your team to overcome challenges, and move to project success?

This course will address these two important topics.


Key Learning Points Includes:

  • Understand importance of Leadership in project management
  • Understand and acquire key leadership knowledge, concepts and skills, practice the tools and techniques , and contribute to project success 
  • Learn to create a leadership development plan and implement to workplace
  • Understand yourself and  project team using a personality test
  • Learn key steps, tool and techniques to manage project stakeholders successfully
  • Ability to lead and manage stakeholders through effective communication, conflict management and negotiation skills
  • Understand and practice various conflict management skills and techniques
  • Able to utilize the powerful negotiation skills and techniques

With the knowledge and skills acquired at the end of the training program, the trainees will learn key leadership and stakeholder management concepts, tool and techniques, and contribute to project success.


The program focuses on 7 topics, from the leadership, stakeholder management, to effective communication, conflict management and negotiation skills that are applicable to any project size and nature:

Leadership and Management

The module will start off with what is leadership about, the difference between leadership and management roles. From there assess inpidual leadership competencies and developmental needs, and articulate leadership vision, in light of the assessment, and consider the best way to realize it.

Key Leadership Concepts

Key leadership concepts are then introduced to provide trainees with knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to lead project teams. Understanding of self and others’ characteristics and styles are critical in order for the trainees to know and lead the team better. Appropriate leadership style is to be used depending on the inpidual and tasks at hand.

Leading Effective Teams

The importance of good team work is emphasized; it is always the cornerstone for project success. In order for the team to continue leading and maintaining effectively, it is necessary to evaluate team progress and coach team members.

Stakeholder Management

Learn effective concepts and steps to manage stakeholder successfully, including using the stakeholder analysis tools, developing effective strategies and plans, and executing the action plans.  Good and effective communication, conflict management and negotiation skills are critical, and their concepts are covered in subsequent chapters. 

Effective Communication

Effective communication is the most valuable leadership skill the project managers need to acquire and practice. The module looks into the communication model, and introduces various tools and techniques to ensure effective communication among team members and project stakeholders.

Managing Conflict

Conflicts in project works are unavoidable, however, to have an appropriate method on resolving it is essential. First step is to understand the major sources of conflict on project teams, and devise steps on handling it (Viz. Forcing, Smoothing, Withdrawing, Compromising, Collaborating and Problem Solving). Trainees will learn various conflict scenarios and strategies for initiating conflict resolution, including power bases used in typical organizations.

Negotiation Skills

The module outlines the key steps for an effective negotiation to ensure a win-win solution, from preparation, building rapport, to exploration, bargaining and closure.Trainees will also be involved in a case study and role-play the learned negotiation skills.


The course structure is based on PMBOK® Guide from the Project Management Institute, and key leadership, stakeholder management, conflict management, negotiation concepts and years of experience in leading and managing project stakeholders. Classroom lectures, experience sharing, case studies, exercises and quiz are included to enhance the learning process.

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