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    Welcome to Program Management Training Course

    In this course, you will learn the skills you need to manage programs with an effective way ,  also you will have the required  knowledge to pass the PgMP certification exam .

    Course Breakdown:

    Chapter 1 : Brief Introduction about PgMP certificate , including all required information to apply for the exam . 

    Chapter 2 : This Chapter describes the  most commonly used terms in program management field 

    Chapter 3 :  A General Overview for PMI methodology during program life cycle , by applying program performance domains

    Chapter 4 : Your First Step in Program management to know the required benefits from the program , and the program actual benefits , also you will know how to develop the program business case , program plan , program road map and the program mission statement .

    Chapter 5 :  If we have a group of projects , we will have already a team to manage these projects , in the best possible way , to get the best results , we can also assign a coordinator between these projects to coordinate between them . Especially  , if they have a shared resources  . in addition , we already have a projects manager who will oversee the whole projects .

    So. why we should add another entity ?, called the program , that will require an additional costs , human resources , and also , effort .

    In this Chapter you know the answer , also you will learn how to conduct benefits Identification , benefits  analysis and planning , benefits delivery , benefits  transition and benefits  sustainment .

    Chapter 6 : You will learn how to conduct the program Stakeholder engagement ,  This domain in the Standard has three key activities: Program Stakeholder Identification and analysis , Stakeholder Engagement Planning , and  finally , Stakeholder Engagement .

    Chapter 7 : We have many projects are all about achieving one goal . every step , decision  , and process , should lead to a closer step  to achieve that goal , But how to make sure of that ? 

    In this chapter we will speak about a group of specialists with a strategic vision to analysis any process occurs in the program , called the program governance .

    Chapter 8 - 9 - 10 : Those chapters explain the needed supporting knowledge areas for conducting the program life cycle management , in addition to needed information that you need from project management .

    Updated on 06 August, 2018
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