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Video documentation is now widely accepted for both practical and artistic reasons. On the practical side, videography can provide training and corrective analysis tools. Video streaming will change the entire nature of the www very soon. The convergence of the media, print, photo, video and the computer in the www gives you a real opportunity. The challenge will be to learn and become proficient in all of these new disciplines. This course is intended to help the students to be a professional in video editing.

Course Contents 


Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

  •  Introduction to video editing
  •  Nonlinear video editing
  •  Introduction to time code

Introduction to color standards

  • Analog standards
  • NTSC
  •  PAL
  •  Digital Standards
  •  SDTV
  •  HDTV

Introduction to the Premiere Interface

  •  Project window
  •  Source & Monitor
  •  Timeline
  •  Effects
  • Setting up a Sequence
  • Importing clips and media into project area
  •  Creating Bin in project area
  • Find videos or other items in the project

Introduction to tools

Adding video & Audio Tracks


  •  Motion
  • Position
  • Scale
  • Opacity
  •  Time Remapping / Reverse speed


  • Fade in and Fade out effects

Audio Effects

Video Transitions

  •  Set transitions

Video Effects

Preview the project

Export an AVI / MPEG movie


How to set up a project

Types of windows in After Effects

Importing files into Project Window

Composition Window settings

  • Title safe and Action safe
  •  Snap shots
  • Region of interest
  • Setting Up Resolution

Introduction to Layers

  • Basic Layer Properties
  • Solo layers & Adjustment layers
  • Motion Blur & Frame Blending
  • Masking in layers

Animation in After Effects

  • Key frames & Tweening in key frames
  • Time-Reverse key frames

Different types of effects

Preview final output

  •  Ram preview
  •  Add to render queue

Export Movie

  •  As AVI
  •  AS MPEG

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We are always in the forefront in launching job oriented, practical computer training courses. We emphasis on the importance of individual attention to students and limited students in a batch. This also helps us to improve the quality of our service.

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