If you are a supply management professional striving to earn better recognition in your workplace, CPSM qualification is your chance to leverage your knowledge and experience into career advancement. Senior supply management executives often find value in using the CPSM as a development tool for their entire organization, to ensure that everyone shares a common understanding of the skills required by the profession. Surveys indicate those with professional certifications report higher annual compensation than those without.

What is CPSM?

  • Represents the highest degree of professional competence
  • Recognized by Institute for Supply Management (ISM)
  • Designed to lead the profession by emphasizing the main components of supply management

What benefits will CPSM offer you?

  • Internationally relevant and a mark of dedication and distinction
  • Emphasizes major segments of supply management profession directing organization towards the path of success
  • Gives you the edge you need in the global marketplace along with the potential to earn more

What will you learn?

  • Multi-faceted skills in areas such as finance, supplier relationship management, organizational global strategy and risk compliance
  • Effective supply management performance
  • Leadership in supply management

TASK Is an independent firm with experience in the field of Supply Chain, Lean Six Sigma and Quality Management, They have been successfully providing Their clients with business and professional solutions, as Theyll as expertise in the organization. TASK offers an impressive range of international certification programs, consulting in the above fields. Their experienced consultants provide these services to a large number of organizations, both private and public. They pride Theirselves on Their track record and long-standing relationships with Their clients, many of whom have been with us since They started business.

TASK They understand that having top-rate professionals working in efficient teams is the heart of any company. Hence, They have created teams of the most skilled professionals and provided them with the right tools and environment to give their best.

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