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The program emphasizes the creativity, visualization and critical thinking which help students to generate technologically appropriate, functional and aesthetically pleasing graphic design. Program provides students the opportunity to develop an understanding of color and composition, design and typography, and drawing board skills. As the progress through the program, students are trained in creative problem solving and learn to offer solutions that are effective in the business world. This program is exclusively designed for the students who want an exquisite future in graphic designing.

Course Contents 

Adobe Illustrator CS6

Exploring the Environment

  • Getting Started
  • Creating, Saving and Closing Documents

Explore With Colors

  • Changing fill and stroke colors
  • Manipulating stroke options
  • Using the Eyedropper and paint bucket tools

Create Simple Illustration

  • Drawing basic shapes
  • Modifying Objects
  • Painting with brushes

Type Tools

  • Using the type tool
  • Different types of type tool
  • Altering text
  • Using the character and paragraph palettes

Symbols & Warp tools

  • Introduction to symbols and Symbol library
  • Different types warp tools


  • Working with Layers
  • Renaming & Rearranging layers in layer panel

Pathfinder option

  • Merging and subtracting shapes
  • piding and trimming shapes

Create Logos

  • Create paths
  • Editing paths
  • Logo creations


  • Printing Illustrations
  • Adjusting the print specification.


Getting Started

  • Creating new document using presets
  • Opening and saving
  • Use of save as command

Selection Tools

  • Marquee selections
  • Lasso selections
  • Magic wand and quick selection


  • Creating new layers
  • Renaming & Reordering Layers
  • Merging Layers
  • Flattening an artwork into a single layer
  • Using Layer Masks for creating Transparency

Transformation in Images

Brush tools & Fill Color tools

  • Brush tool & brush library
  • Eraser tools
  • Paint bucket and Gradient tools
  • Gradient editor
  • Type Tools
  •  Different types of Type tool
  • Type palettes

Photo Retouching

  • Use of Clone Stamp & Heal brush
  • Use of Patch tool & Red eye removal

Tonal Adjustments

  • Blur, Sharpen and Smudge
  • Dodge, Burn and Sponge

Creating New Patterns

  • Define new Patterns
  • Use of Pattern stamp
  • Filling pattern in the selection

Image Enhancements

  • Adjusting the Hue and Saturation of an image
  • Adjusting Brightness and Contrast of an image
  • Converting Black and White images to color
  • Replacing colors in an image
  • Fine toning with Selective colors

Filters and Effects to Enhance Your Artworks

  • Different types of Filters
  • Different types of Effects

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