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Business today is about change. As the environmental demands on organizations become more global, complex and dynamic there is an increasing need for high skilled, broadly educated managers.

Diploma courses provide graduates with the opportunity to progress from the structured work of a first degree to the more specialized and challenging environment of higher study. The attainment of a useful postgraduate or post-experience qualification enhances career prospects and provides the opportunity to play a key role in the rapidly evolving employment market.

We, here at the Career Gate Center, have developed a Professional Diploma in Quality Excellence in Education. Our program has been growing in recent years giving more expertise and knowledge in our classrooms. We provide a framework for advanced study within which candidates, guided by the staff, strive to become managers of the highest quality. The reputation of our center depends upon maintaining a student body of superior abilities and a challenging and dynamic atmosphere for graduate studies.

The Career Gate Center prepares Professional Diploma in Quality Excellence in Education to become researches and experiences in the area of education. Moreover the graduates shall become professional managers to make tangible, rapid and significant contributions to their organizations. The primary purpose of this program is to educate people in the vital areas in quality management, preparing them to become researchers in the field of Quality Management and hence candidates studies in same field. Moreover, the program qualifies them to become the chief quality officers of their organizations or to use quality management principles to manage their functional areas.

The curriculum, teaching methods, and class meeting formats are customer driven and designed to use the experience and case studies gained from the consultancy and training fields to meet the evolving employment markets. The program is designed to provide graduates with expanded analytical skills and the ability to integrate those skills to address technical and managerial dimensions in quality management.

Professional Diploma in Quality Excellence in Education tackles the multiple dimensions of quality and its integration with other main approaches like Education systems, Total Quality management, Quality assurance, Supply chain, Excellence models, Accreditation and many other related topics. It provides very distinguished and comprehensive knowledge of the full extent of entire Quality Excellence in Education.

It also provides up-to-date knowledge and practices on necessary processes and tools to design, manage and develop effective related systems. It gathers between the direct instructional sessions for the basic knowledge and the indirect learning though playing games and performing case studies and analysis on real business cases. This avails entertained learning and practical Hands on for Quality Excellence in Education.


The diploma consists of six courses that guide you through the process, starting with the Education System, Total Quality Management (TQM) in Education, Quality Assurance System ISO 9001:2008, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Introduction to Organizational Excellence Models & Accreditation in Education Sectors:

Course 1: Education System.

  • Education, Instruction and quality teaching.
  • Capacity Building of the Education System.
  • The Egyptian Education, historical perspective.
  • Student satisfaction & Educational Challenges.

Course 2: Total Quality Management (TQM) in Education.

  • Total Quality Management (TQM) in Education.
  • Introduction to Quality in Education.
  • Defining Quality, in regard to education, and the related terms.
  • Quality in education historically.

TQM in Education.

  • Quality Culture and Educational Organization.
  • Leadership in the educational organization.
  • Teamwork and knowledge management.
  • Benchmarking and educational measurements.
  • Strategic quality management.
  • Total Quality Tools and the future of quality in education.

Course 3: Quality Assurance System ISO 9001:2008

  • Quality concept& system.
  • Process Approach – QMS&Educational process description.
  • Educational quality policy& objectives.
  • KPIs in educational processes&Process mapping .
  • Organization chart&Job description cards.
  • Documentation skills&Educational resources.
  • Educational Service Realization.
  • Educational system measures, analysis and continuous improvement.
  • Route cause analysis for Corrective/ preventive actions .
  • Educational foundation self-evaluation (Internal auditing) .
  • Registration and certification .

Course 4: Supply Chain Management (SCM)

  • The impact of effective supply chain management on sustaining organizations’ competitiveness in a globalized environment .
  • The evolution of supply chain management .
  • Applying supply chain approach to the educational sector .
  • Using Balanced Score-Card (BSC) approach to measure Education Supply Chain Performance (ESCP) .

Course 5: Introduction to Organizational Excellence Models

  • Excellence Models (Deming, Malcolm Baldridge and EFQM) .
  • Use of excellence models.
  • Introduction to EFQM Excellence Model&Enablers criteria .
  • Leadership and strategy .
  • Processes and services .
  • Results criteria&Key results .
  • Assessing for excellence .
  • Learning from assessment& organizations .
  • Review and warping up .

Course 6: Accreditation in Education Sectors

  • What is accreditation?
  • Educational accreditation&NAQAAE overview .
  • Types of accreditation schemes&Assessment principles .
  • Evaluation domains .
  • Institutional assessment in schools& faculties .
  • Standards for program accreditation .
  • The process of accreditation .

Admission Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with a minimum grade point average of 2.3 or an overall rating of “good”.
  • Master’s degree or two years of professional work experience for applicants who graduated from university with an overall rating of “pass” .
  • Passing the Standard English Proficiency Test.


The Professional Diploma in Quality Excellence in Education will be granted to participants who earn a minimum grade of 70 percent (C) in each course and the final project, and attend a minimum of 80 percent of classes in each course.

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