• Define a supply chain and understand material, information, and capital flows
  • Understand major challenges to effective supply chain management, including variability, organizational silos, the Bullwhip Effect, and tradeoffs
  • Recognize the importance of product design and manufacturing in the supply chain process
  • Learn the importance of metrics (supply chain performance measures), including chain-wide metrics

Who should attend?

Professionals, managers, and executives who are involved in supply chain management, Contracts, Purchasing, Procurement managers, All involved in the acquisition of materials, equipment, and services and who are in organizations whose leadership want high levels of competency in those involved in these activities, The program is also appropriate for anyone interested to know more about the interaction between Supply chain management & other logistics & procurement& material management functions, Professionals seeking in- depth knowledge and understanding of their entire supply chain.


  • Essentials of Purchasing
  •  Introduction to Supply Chain
  • Inventory Management and Control to Improve Profitability
  • Managing Transportation&Warehousing
  • The Procurement Process
  • Persuasive Communication
  • Negotiating Strategies
  • Budgeting Essentials
  • Price and Cost Analysis
Horus center is a training provider which is also part of Egypt of Alexandria city. they offer a wide management programs, financial, banking, sales, marketing, legal skills including apprenticeships and professional certificates at various levels. thier open programs allow individuals to attend a wide range of training cthierses throughout the year
they work in partnership with a large number of employers and aim to raise awareness of the importance of skills development and training. This helps employers to develop their business through the retention of skilled staff.
they are Continuously improve thier expertise in relation to professional training standards, they Provide thier client with service to industry standards recognition and respect from thier client for thier dedication and commitment to responsible management of professional training standards incorporate and integrate professional training standards into thier process, they provide thier client with the knowledge, skills and tools required to perform their manner.
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