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The Department purchases of the most important departments in the successful companies are considered as the main procurement activity in the supply chain needs and can greatly affect the overall success of the company, depending on how they are managed

 Supply chains in the procurement process represent a very large proportion of total expenditure in companies and factories, so it should be managed effectively to achieve the optimum benefit and value to maximize competition and profits

Procurement operates the main hub in the supply chain process to convert the purchase of raw / goods or services for materials applications into actual products / goods or services to meet the growing needs of companies, and competitive prices allow companies to maintain market and competition with other companies

The program content

  • What are the purchases 
  • What we need to know about the policies, procedures and forms
  • Tendering and bidding new technologies
  • The process of assessing and managing suppliers
  • Contracts, Amlahketabh, evaluation and follow-up
  • How procurement plan
  • best modern technologies in the procurement
  •  Ethical considerations in procurement
  • The best ways for official communication between staff and suppliers
  • Corruption, nepotism and fraud management
Key Benefits

At the end of the program, the trainee will be Ghaderhaly:

  • Understanding how procurement policies and procedures applied in the management Internatioanl international quality systems
  • Understanding the finest and latest purchase strategies in the world and how you can apply in your organization
  • Identify the tools and techniques the top ten for price management and how you can use to achieve the best results
  • Evaluation of best practices and strategies for managing supplier relationships and how they can develop a real win-win partnerships with suppliers

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hpa was founded in 2004 as a joint stock company and is one of the leading companies specialized in the fields of training, consultancy, and recruitment 

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