Process Control & Control Modes Professional Training Insitute

To give the Trainee, a sound knowledge and understanding of Process Control and Control modes and the principles to apply for solving any problem arise during their  work as an Instrument fitter/ Technician.


Basic Knowledge on Instrumentation/ Electrical/ Electronics/ Applied Mathematics.

Course Contents: 

  • Introduction
  • The  Process
  • Control Modes Available
  • Some Definitions
  • On/Off Control
  • Proportional Control
  • Integral Control
  • Proportional plus integral control
  • Derivative Control
  • Proportional plus integral plus Derivative Control
  • Cascade control
  • Feedforward Control
  • Blending
  • Continuous online blending
  • Batching

Built on a solid heritage in education, rooted back to 1995. Professional was established to become the future of Al-Alaml Training Institute.

In  Mr. Hussain Darwish founded Al-Amal Centre for university studies.

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