Principles of Network Security Gulf University for Science & Technology

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Basic and advanced concepts in cryptography and network security: symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, key management, e-mail security, IP security, Web security, intruders and malicious software.

Course Co-requisites

  •  CSC473 (Computer Networks & Communication)

Course Category

  • Elective

Course Outcomes:

After successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Describe fundamental concepts behind Symmetric and Asymmetric Ciphers, Hash functions, Keyed Message Authentication Codes (HMAC) and Digital signatures. [ABET a, c, j].
  • Apply knowledge of mathematics to understand and analyze cryptographic techniques. [ABET a, b, j]. 
  • Understand issues and techniques related to key distribution. [ABET b, c, g, i,bk].
  • Comprehend security issues in networking infrastructure. [ABET a, c, e, g].
  • Discuss security issues in networked applications. [ABET a, c, e, g, k].
  • Explain various security protocols (employed at different network layers). [ABET a, e]. 

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In January 1997, Kuwaiti Academic Group, comprised of 41 faculty members from Kuwait University, was established to lay the foundation for the proposed "University of the Future." Their studies culminated in the vision of "Gulf University for Science and Technology" (GUST).z

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