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PROJECT PLANNING AND MANAGAMENT Primavera P6 V7 Total Duration : 30 Hours Student Name
DAY 1,2  Introduction to CADD Mastre , PPM Concepts , CPM/PERT/PDM ,  Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS), Different Views,  To create new OBS,  Enterprise Project Structure (EPS) , Different views.,  To Create new EPS  Assigning the responsible manager  Difference between EPS & OBS
 Projects , Overview of the Project  Creation of new project through wizard  Creation of new project through details  Calendar Global, Resource, Project., New Calendar  Making a Project or resource Calendar as global.  Assigning a Calendar as default for the projects.
DAY 4,5
 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Example for WBS  Defining Structure , Applying WBS for tasks  Entering Activities through Wizard and Details.  Mile Stones, Activity Type, Inserting a new Column  Moving the Columns, Time Scale adjustments.  Different kind of relationship between tasks.  Different methods of linking  Estimating the project finish date.  Identifying the project critical path  Applying different calendars to activities & Estimating the finish date.
DAY 6,7
 Activity Codes, Code Definition, Assigning Code.  Project Codes, Code Definition, Assigning Code ,  Resource Codes, Code Definition, Assigning Code ,  Reorganizing Constraints in a Project.  Types of Constraints, Use of Secondary Constraint
 Work Products & Documents  Defining WPs & Docs, Assigning it for activities.  Currency  To change the currency  To Create new Currency  Setting exchange rate
 Roles, Importance of Roles ,Defining the roles  Giving rates for the roles  Resource Sheet Preparation  Defining Resource through Wizard  Defining Resource through detail  Defining Resource through Calendar  To create new unit of Measure for materials which is not available in the list.  Resource Assigning DAY 10
 Analysis Resources  Resource Usage Profile  Resource Usage Spread Sheet  Resource Curves  Resource Leveling  Concepts of Stretching, Crunching & Splitting - Manual  Automatic Leveling
DAY 11
 Setting Database  Updating Progress  Entering Actual Start & Actual Finish date for tasks  Updating through duration  Updating through Physical  Cost Updating  Comparative Study of Baseline and Actual Plan  Reflecton
DAY 12,13
 Calculating earned Value analysis  Filter ,Threshould,Issue,Risk  Reports  Tabular , Graphical  Import / Export  Formatting Bars
DAY 14
 Methodology Management
DAY 15
 PROJECT WORK Updated on 09 October, 2017

Eligibility / Requirements

Mechanicle  engineers,
civil engineer,
electricle engineer,
electronics engineer,
any graduate who like to work under project,


About CADD Mastre Training Services

CADD MASTRE is a Central India's leading CAD/CAM/CAE/CFD/PPM Training Company, committed to building a skilled manpower pool for Regional & global industry requirements. The company which was set up in 2007, to help the Manufacturing & Construction industry overcome its human resource challenges, offering learning solutions to Individuals, Enterprises and Engineering and Polytechnic Institutions in India.
CADD MASTRE Offering services for Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Architecture and Interior Streams for Training, Projects & Placements, CADD MASTRE's expertise in learning, content development, training delivery and education process management make it the most preferred training partner,
CADD Mastre Join Hands With World Leader in CAD, CAE & PPM for Training and Software Sales, Our Franchise Module Also helps the Individuals to become a Part of promising CAD/CAM/CAE/CFD/PPM education in India and oversees Today, more and more students are opting to upgrade their skills and CADD MASTRE has emerged as their preferred destination for quality education.

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