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By This course you will be aware all the planning methodology and you can change your career to junior planner.

Course Topics

Session 1

  • Introduction.
  • Concepts of Project Management.
  • Objectives of Project Managing.
  • Creating EPS and OBS hierarchy.
  • What Is Project Methodology and Project Management.

Session 2

  • Understanding WBS.
  • Relationships between Activities.
  • Defining The Critical Path of the project.

Session 3

  • Interface.
  • Navigating The Main Screen.
  • Menus and Tool Bars.
  • Activity Table and Gantt Chart.
  • Customizing The Layout.
  • Adding New Project.

Session 4

  • Defining currency and units.
  • Creating WBS.
  • Defining Calendars.
  • Creating Activities ID and Codes.
  • Inserting Activities.

Session 5

  • Working in Project.
  • Inserting Relationships.
  • Scheduling The Project.
  • Adding Constraints, suspended and resuming dates.
  • Customizing activity Table.
  • User- defined fields.

Session 6

  • Customizing the Gantt Chart.
  • Customizing Time Scale.
  • Filtering, Sorting and Grouping Activities.
  • Using Global Change.

Session 7

  • Working in Network Logic.
  • Tracking the Project schedule.
  • Creating Project Baseline(s).
  • Updating The Project with actual dates and percentage of work.

Session 8

  • Comparing Baseline schedule to the current one.
  • Analyzing the comparing results.
  • Getting Reports.
  • Tabular Reports.
  • layouts Reports.

Session 9

  • Resources.
  • The Meaning of resources.
  • Understanding driving recourses and how they affect the project.
  • Resources and calendars.
  • Creating resources and roles database.
  • Cost Accounts.
  • Assignment.
  • Assigning resources to activities.

Session 10

  • Using resource, cost and budget layouts.
  • Working with resources.
  • Cost account.
  • Sorting, grouping and filtering resources.
  • Using resource profile and resource table.

Session 11

  • Leveling resources.
  • Tracking the project resources.
  • Updating Baseline(s).
  • Updating the project with actual resources.
  • Comparing baseline cost to the current.
  • Performance Control.
  • Planned cost.
  • Earned cost.

Session 12

  • Actual cost.
  • Cost and schedule variance.
  • Project Issues and thresholds.
  • Adding Issues.
  • Assign tracking layouts to issues.
  • Using issue navigator.
  • Thresholds.
  • Monitoring thresholds.

Session 13

  • Risk Managing.
  • Adding Risks.
  • Calculating exposure value.
  • Calculating Risk impact.
  • Getting Reports.
  • Resources reports.
  • Cost reports.
  • Budget reports.
  • Custom reports.
  • Some Advanced Features.

About Engineering Group Corporation

EGC was founded with the aim to be a premier gateway to professional engineering. Since then, the firm has undertaken a host of landmark projects across all market sectors and developed a diversity of successful and sustainable engineering solutions for its prominent client. EGC offers professional services in all engineering sectors of transport from concept to completion. EGC one of engineering design offices have various activities and Professional engineering staff contributed in the founding of EGC

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