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In today’s competitive business world, just being a certified Project Management Professional is not enough to put you ahead of the crowd; what sets you apart is your ability to combine the theoretical aspects of your PMP® training together with the practical applications of MS Project and MS Excel. Effective implementation of the tools and techniques that are available in MS Project and Excel, in conjunction with the theoretical principles embodied in the PMBOK®, will go a long way towards ensuring all-round project success.

Before we proceed, please think about these questions for a moment:

  • Will you go to a Doctor who has a degree in MBBS, but does not know how to operate on a patient? - OR -
  • Will you go to a Doctor who has operating experience and also has an MBBS degree?
  • Will you recruit a Java/J2EE Programmer who has a certification from Oracle on Java/J2EE, but does not know how to code in Java? - OR -
  • Will you recruit a Java/J2EE programmer who has a Certification and also knows how to code based on practical knowledge?
  • Finally, will you recruit a Manager or a candidate for a Managerial role, who is a Certified PMP®, but does not know how to apply the principles of PMP® in a real world using management tools? - OR -
  • Will you recruit a Manager who is a Certified PMP® and knows how to apply the Principles of PMBOK® in the real world with practical tools such as MS Project, MS Excel?

Course Outline

Module – 1: Introduction to PMP® Certification Course

  • PMBOK® 5th Edition
    • PMI® and PMBOK® Guide
    • Certifications offered from PMI®
    • What are PMP® and MSP
    • Pre-requisites, Exam Syllabus, Exam Pattern – PMP®
    • PMI® Contact Details
  • MS Project 2013
    • Understanding MS Project Certification
    • Certifications offered from Microsoft
    • Pre-requisites, Exam Syllabus, Exam Pattern – MSP
    • Microsoft Contact Details

Module – 2: Project Management Framework

  • PMBOK® 5th Edition
    • Project, Project/Program/Portfolio Management
    • PMO, Role of PM; Assumptions and Constraints
    • Enterprise Environmental Factors, Organizational Process Assets
    • Organizational Structure, Project Vs Product Life Cycle
  • MS Project 2013
    • Starting with MS Project
    • Ribbon Mechanism – Various Important Tabs
    • Various Important Views and their Usage
  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session

Module – 3: Project Management Processes

  • PMBOK® 5th Edition
    • Project Life Cycle Overview
    • Project Management Process Groups
    • Project Management Knowledge Areas and Process Areas
    • Life Cycle Mapping with Process Groups
  • MS Project 2013
    • Applicability of MS Project in various Process Groups
    • Applicability of MS Project in various Knowledge Areas
    • Usage and Limitations

Module – 4: Project Integration Management

  • PMBOK® 5th Edition
    • Role of Project Team and Sponsor
    • Project Selection Methods
    • Process Areas
      • Develop Project Charter
      • Develop Project Management Plan
      • Direct and Manage Project Work
      • Monitor and Control Project Work
      • Perform Integrated Change Control
      • Close Project or Phase
  • MS Project 2013
    • Understanding MPP file and MS project template
    • Backstage View, Project Statistics and Project Properties
    • Developing a Project Management Plan
    • Understanding Monitoring and Controlling in MS Project
    • Integrating Change Requests
    • Closure and archiving of MS Project
  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session

Module – 5: Project Scope Management

  • PMBOK® 5th Edition
    • Project Scope Vs Product Scope
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Scope Management
      • Collect Requirements
      • Define Scope
      • Create WBS
      • Validate Scope
      • Control Scope
  • MS Project 2013
    • Scope Management in MS Project
    • Various Types of Tasks, Using Work Packages
    • WBS Creation, WBS Code, WBS Updates
    • Advanced WBS Techniques
    • Validating and Controlling Scope with Inactive/Placeholder/Completed Tasks
    • Task Hyper-linking and Documentation
  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session

Module – 6: Project Time Management

  • PMBOK® 5th Edition
    • Project Schedule and Time Management
    • Gantt Charts and Network Diagram
    • Estimation and Schedule Network Analysis Techniques
    • PERT, Critical Path, Schedule Compression
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Schedule Management
      • Define Activities
      • Sequence Activities
      • Estimate Activity Resources
      • Estimate Activity Durations
      • Develop Schedule
      • Control Schedule
  • MS Project 2013
    • Task Linking and Dependencies
    • Lead and Lag; Network Diagram and Analysis
    • Checking Critical Path and Critical Path Analysis
    • Schedule Compression – Fast Tracking, Crashing
    • Various Resources and Work, Material Resource Assignment
    • Work, Unit and Duration – Schedule Calculation
    • Resource Over-allocation and Levelling
    • Developing & Controlling by Baselining and Variance Tracking
    • Multiple Baseline management
    • Calendar management – Project, Resource and Task
  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session

Module – 7: Project Cost Management

  • PMBOK® 5th Edition
    • Cost Estimating Vs Cost Budgeting
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Cost Management
      • Estimate Costs
      • Determine Budget
      • Control Costs
    • Earned Value Management, Terminologies and Calculations
  • MS Project 2013
    • Standard Rate, Overtime Rate
    • Resource Assignment and Cost Update
    • Work, Unit, Duration and Resource – Cost Calculation
    • Cost Table Views and Customizing Tables/ Other Views
    • Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session

Module – 8: Project Quality Management

  • PMBOK® 5th Edition
    • Understanding Quality and Quality Management
    • Cost of Quality and Seven Tools of Quality
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Quality Management
      • Perform Quality Assurance
      • Control Quality
  • MS Project 2013
    • Quality Related Cycles, Tasks
    • Cost Resources for Quality Tasks
    • Quality Management and Control
  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session

Module – 9: Project Human Resource Management

  • PMBOK® 5th Edition
    • Project HR Management Fundamentals
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Human Resource Management
      • Acquire Project Team
      • Develop Project Team
      • Manage Project Team
    • Forms of Power, Conflict Management
    • Motivation Theories
  • MS Project 2013
    • Work Resources and types of works resources
    • Work Resources Vs Cost and Material Resources
    • Various Calendars; Working with Resource Calendars
    • Working with Resource Pooling
    • Team Planner View and Resource Planning
  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session

Module – 10: Project Communication Management

  • PMBOK® 5th Edition
    • Communication methods, technology and channels
    • Basic communication model and mechanism
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Communication Management
      • Manage Communications
      • Control Communications
  • MS Project 2013
    • MS Project as Project Information Management System
    • Project reporting with Sorting, Grouping and Filtering
    • Performance Reporting via Reporting option of MS Project
    • Distributing Information Timeline View, PDF/Image Reports
    • New Report Tab – Dashboards, Built-in Reports, Custom and Visual Reports
    • Project Burnup/ Burndown Charts
  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session

Module – 11: Project Risk Management

  • PMBOK® 5th Edition
    • Risk Management, Categorization
    • EMV Analysis, Decision Tree Analysis
    • Risk Reserve and Contingency Reserve
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Risk Management
      • Identify Risk
      • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
      • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
      • Plan Risk Responses
      • Control Risks
  • Quiz Session

Module – 12: Project Procurement Management

  • PMBOK®
    • Understanding Contract and different types
    • Advantages and disadvantages of various contracts
    • Process Areas
      • Plan Procurement Management
      • Conduct Procurements
      • Control Procurements
      • Close Procurements
  • Quiz Session

Module – 13: Project Stakeholder Management

  • PMBOK® 5th Edition
    • Understanding various types of stakeholders
    • Stakeholder Register
    • Various Analytical Techniques for Stakeholder Analysis
    • Various Management and Interpersonal Skills
    • Process Areas
      • Identify Stakeholders
      • Plan Stakeholder Management
      • Manage Stakeholder Engagement
      • Control Stakeholder Engagement
  • MS Excel 2013/2010 & MS Project 2013
    • Stakeholder Register management with Excel
    • Import, Export, Merge, Append with existing Excel from MS Project
    • Stakeholder Reporting with MS Project
  • Hands on Practical and Quiz Session

Module – 14: PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility

  • PMBOK® 5th Edition
    • Vision and Purpose
    • Applicability
    • Structure and Values supporting the Code
    • Aspirational and Mandatory Standards
    • Value – Responsibility
    • Value – Respect
    • Value – Fairness
    • Value – Honesty

Module – 15: Tips and Tricks with PMP® / MSP Exam Prep

  • PMBOK® 5th Edition
    • Tips and Tricks on PMBOK®
    • Preparing for PMP® Exam from PMI®
  • MS Project 2013
    • Tips and Tricks on MS Project
    • Preparing for MS Project Exam from Microsoft

Course Benefits

  • Study PMBOK® Guide's 5 Process Groups, 10 Knowledge Areas, 47 Process Areas and all ITTOs and learn how to apply them with MS Project 2013
  • Gain skills needed to pass the PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Exam
  • Learn PMBOK® Guide terms, definitions, and processes
  • Practice styles and types of questions modelled on PMP® Exam
  • Apply International Project Management Standards from PMI (the PMBOK® Guide) to real-world situations

MS Project 2013:

  • Learn to apply PMBOK® Principles with Microsoft Project 2013
  • Lean how to create project, WBS, work packages, tasks, summary tasks and other varieties of tasks
  • Learn to create activities, define relationships, analyse Network Diagram, assign various work, material and cost resources
  • Learn analyse critical path, forward/backward pass, resource levelling and baseline the project plan
  • Learn import/export, calendar mechanism, multiple baselining for project
  • Learn to track the project plan and measure various variances
  • Learn to report performances with the new Report functionality of MS Project 2013

From the Workshop:


  • 100 days access to our PMP® e-learning program
  • PMBOK® 5th Edition Handbook (Not applicable in India)
  • 35 PDUs certificate on completion of course
  • 6 Full-Length Mock Exams featuring 1200 practice questions
  • Knowledge Area Questionnaire featuring 300 questions on the 10 Knowledge Areas
  • PMP® Exam Blue print (PMP® Exam Application steps and procedure)
  • PMP® Math Formula sheet with examples
  • Exam Tips and Techniques to clear Certification
  • Quick Revision of course outline (Video)
  • 14 Hrs of High Quality full length Audio-Video in keeping with the chapters in PMBOK® 5
  • PMP® Exam Test Drive Series (Video simulation of the PMP® Exam)
  • Free Project Management Templates ready to use for your company projects (No public distribution)
  • Hard copy of the courseware
  • Downloadable courseware e-book
  • Complete PMP® Application assistance (Assistance with PMI® Registration, PMI® Membership, & PMI® Application procedure)
  • End-to-end support via phone, mail, and chat

MS Project 2013:

  • 4 days interactive, classroom based training program on PMBOK® and MS Project 2013
  • 32 Hrs. training, Hands-on sessions
  • 100 day access to MS Project 2013 online content
  • 16 PDUs award post online access
  • Easy-to-understand MS Project 2013 Reference Handbook combined with PMP® Preparation Material and step by step guidance on 10 Knowledge Areas
  • Sessions conducted by highly experienced and skilled trainers
  • Dedicated post training support and assistance
  • Hard copy of the courseware


Project Management Professional, PMP® is a credential offered by the Project Management Institute - PMI®, USA. Practical PMP will be based on PMP pattern but with equal emphasis on knowing the practicality of PMP with the help of Microsoft Project 2013.

Who should attend?

Indicative roles or people who should attend this training program are:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Program Managers
  • Project Engineers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Planning Managers
  • Planning Engineers
  • Project Cost Control Engineers
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Civil Engineers
  • Planning Engineers
  • Control Engineers
  • IT Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Project Analysts
  • Project Leaders
  • Project Coordinators
  • Team Leaders
  • Team Members

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