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This course is designed to provide the key skills for the managers and officers in the technical business units to enable them obtain comprehensive understanding of their business portfolio from the technical side by using analysis techniques and tools. The main course outcome:
  •  Gain a practical understanding of statistical tools / skills and apply to insurance portfolio.
  •  Acquire a deeper insight into insurance by gaining new perspectives based on past experience
  •  Understand deductible-rating & reinsurance pricing
  •  Increase confidence in communications with specialist actuaries and statisticians
  • Develop scientific decision-making skills
  •  Acquire the ability to collate evidence to support underwriting decisions
  •  Obtain many of the skills required to manage an insurance portfolio.

This course is suitable for General Managers, Deputy General Managers, Finance Managers, Auditors, Risk Officers, Technical Managers and Officers in the underwriting, claims and & reinsurance business units.


This course will focus on fundamental underwriting skills to do underwriting portfolio analysis by exploring the different combinations of portfolios and the process of how to analyze them. This course will also cover the techniques used to assess the current performance of a business portfolio to set the predictions and take the prudent pricing decisions toward achieving successful technical performance and profitability.  

  • What is Portfolio Analysis?
  • Types of Portfolios in Insurance Company

                   -  Technical Business Portfolio

                   -  Non-core Business (Investment) Portfolio

  • Organizational Structure of Company
  • Types & Components of the Portfolios
  • Class of Business vs. Products
  • Commercial vs. Personal lines
  • Insurance vs. Reinsurance
  • Analysis of Claims Cost
  • Analysis of Acquisition Cost
  • Analysis of Profit Margin
  • Comparative analysis  of the Underwriting vs. Financial Performance:
  • Measure historical pricing to calculate the expected premium rates.
  • Measure deductible level to enhance the claims ratio.
  • Measure the consistency of the Reinsurance Structure compared to the portfolio profile.
  • Characteristics of Risk Data
  • Data Bases
  • Presentation of risk data (tables, graphs, charts, frequency distribution).
  • Managing Portfolios
  • Understanding the Portfolios:
  • Exposure of Physical Assets
  • Exposures of Financial Assets
  • Performance of the companies in the same industry.
  • Comparative Analysis of Ratio among companies in the industry.
  • Basic Statistical review of different portfolios:
  • Statistical Measurements
  • Usage of Portfolio Analysis for pricing insurance and reinsurance.
  • Usage of Portfolio Analysis for Risk Analysis
  • Analysis to the other insurance companies

About Arab Insurance Institute

Created under the umbrella of the GAIF – General Arab Insurance Federation and owned by 40+ shareholders from insurance-related organizations from across the Arab world, The Arab Insurance Institute is an independent organization providing training and education to insurance-related organizations and inpiduals across Middle-East, Gulf and North Africa.

their ctheirses and programmes are designed to support people from all disciplines in, or associated with, the insurance industry, both general and life; insurance and reinsurance providers, insurance brokers, loss adjusters, and insurance departments in other business sectors. The range of ctheirses is constantly expanding in response to demand.

As experienced insurance practitioners and business leaders they know that in order to improve performance at work, training needs to develop practical skills as theyll as theoretical knowledge. To achieve this they bring together academic research, practical advice and guidance, professional development and rigorous standards to enhance technical competence and business capabilities. This is good for business, for society at large, and good for people's working lives.

they combine of face-to-face delivery with the latest methods in technology-enabled learning, appropriate to the topic and programme requirements. Ctheirses are offered across the region, some from their permanent sites and others from temporary venues. their trainers are insurance practitioners and/or specialists in their field.

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