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    The course is based on an experiential learning through exercises methodology. It introduces the modern training concept at the introductory level, beyond which it engages in participatory learning modules to fulfill the Action-oriented Approach that is the core of theapplied training philosophy. The training course teaches the participants through exercises and business simulations to understand, identify and upgrade their Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies.

    The training program consists of four models:

    Model 1: Entrepreneurial Competencies

    The first module uses exercises and lessons to help participants identify their own skills and manage relationships with people who can either help or impede the success of their business. Objectives include identifying personal strengths, practicing entrepreneurial characteristics, learning how to improve relationships with members of their family and environment (with an emphasis on managing these relationships to increase the chances of business success).

    Model 2: Matching the Person with the Project

    The second module focuses on identifying business ideas that match the participants’ core competencies. The exercises in this module prompt participants to brainstorm business ideas that match their core competencies, critique each other's ideas as means of fine-tuning, and narrow the ideas down to three prospective opportunities. Furthermore, the screening arrives to only one business idea for more elaboration, business plan preparation and implementation.

    Model 3:Business Planning:

    The third module focuses on identifying business ideas that match the participants' core competencies. The exercises in this module prompt participants to brainstorm business ideas that match their core competencies, critique each other's ideas as means of fine-tuning, and narrow the ideas down to three prospective opportunities.

    Sub-model: Marketing

    The business planning sub-module focuses on teaching participants the basics of business planning and economics. The activities and lessons in this module are meant to teach the five Ps (place, price, product, promotion and person), stress the importance of supply and demand on business activities, and demonstrate strategies for maximizing profits. Participants will take part in an exercise that teaches them how to gather information on market demand for a product or service, learn how to set seasonal prices, and identify potential high-income months so that they can achieve maximal profits.

    Sub-model: Production Plan Preparation

    By playing games, they will know the concept of layout and deduce some basic criteria to design a good layout (or improve it) for a given production process while considering the restrictions of physical space. Understand the concept of maximum production capacity and how to calculate it. Calculate the minimum stock necessary to start a business considering suppliers’ delivery delay. Determine the level of production covers the fixed and variable costs and results in profit (Break Even Point) and calculate a competitive selling and negotiation price.

    Sub-model: Organization and Management Plan

    Understand the importance of communication in business regarding planning and implementation processes, know the relevant criteria towards the optimal choice in selecting a business partner, design, present and review organization and management plans. Understand the importance of the organization and management plan in preparing the business plan.

    Sub-model: Financial Modelling Using Microsoft Excel

    Training on financial modelling using Microsoft Excel to analyze cost and revenues, and prepare financial statements. Tablet Lap Desk will be distributed to all participants to be acquainted to the new technology.

    Sub-model: Finance

    The finance sub-module is meant to provide students with the financial tools and skills they will need to run successful businesses. The exercises in this sub-module provide participants with a basic knowledge of important financial concepts; profit margins, liquidity, and return on investment. Participants will also learn practical methods for calculating monthly and yearly production costs and income. Finally, they will present their business model and will receive feedback from the trainer(s).

    Model 5: Skills of Business Plan Presentation

    Training on how to view and submit the business plan with confidence, discuss and convince bankers to finance it, as well as how to respond to all inquiries.

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    About Entrepreneurship Training & Development Center

    We_They DMCC was established in Jumeirah Lakes Towers “JLT”, Dubai, UAE to fill the existing gap in training programs that empower entrepreneurial competencies among potential and existing entrepreneurs. This shortage of We_They providers was outlined by empirical studies, research papers, and the practical experience of experts involved in business support services in the UAE and Arab countries.

    The center aims to enable candidates to acquire entrepreneurial competencies by using the practical methods of an Action-oriented Approach. Participants learn by doing how to enhance business development and growth. In collaboration with international training providers using the best practices in training programs and methods in the world, the center aims to fill the existing gap in entrepreneurial training in the Arab States and Africa.

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