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  • Duration: 10am - 5pm

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    • Understanding your Personality Type. Participants take the MBTI and receive their results/profiles
    • Career options best suited to your Type. Lists of options are provided based on your assessment
    • Identifying key ingredients for career satisfaction for you. What you should be looking for in a job

    What is the single most important life lesson older people feel young people need to know?

    For the book “30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans” interviews with nearly 1500 people age 70 to 100+ pointed to one piece of advice they were more adamant to pass on than any other:

    Do not stay in a job you dislike. 

    Your career is a huge factor in your overall life satisfaction.  Yet most of us make this very big decision without a full understanding of ourselves – what we're capable of, or what we even want.

    At Using Personality workshops we use a systematic, thorough approach to understanding an individual’s personality type (interests, and internal motivators) to ensure participants consider career options that best suit them. 

    The direct result?  The confidence to pursue the path we choose, knowing we will end up loving what we do.

    Updated on 08 November, 2015

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    Using Personality

    Using Personality holds workshops and one on one consultations to help individuals explore academic and career choices. We do this this by focusing on the personality type of the individual and what their type says about their strengths, weaknesses and interests.  Through dissecting personality type we are able to identify your preferences for communication, and decisions making.  With an in-depth understanding of these preferences as well as what motivates you, we are able to help guide individuals to making choices that best suit them. Make your next career move the right one! 

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