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Updated on 08 November, 2015

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Chapter 1: What Photoshop Can do 

  1. Introducing Adobe Photoshop 
  2. Moving a Selection from One Image into Another
  3. Correcting Colors
  4. Fixing Details with the Clone Stamp Tool
  5. Using Adjustment Layers
  6. Sharpening the Focus
  7. Creating a Dramatic Sky & Cropping the Image
  8. Text Effects

Chapter 2: The Bridge

  1. Introducing the Adobe Bridge
  2. Using the Lightbox & Thumbnail View
  3. Using the Filmstrip View
  4. Viewing Thumbnail Metadata & Labeling
  5. Showing Off New Features
  6. Managing Your Images
  7. File Naming Inside the Bridge
  8. Workspaces, Location Tracking & Slide Shows

Chapter 3: Setting up 

  1. Setting Preferences
  2. Choosing Color Settings
  3. Choosing Creative Suite Color Settings
  4. Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
  5. Organizing Palettes & Saving Workspaces

Chapter 4: Navigation and Resolution 

  1. Zooming an Image
  2. Scrolling & Panning
  3. Changing Resolution & Image Size
  4. Upsampling an Image
  5. Downsampling an Image
  6. Using the Navigator Palette
  7. Customizing Your View

Chapter 5: Rotate and Crop 

  1. Introducing the Crop Tool
  2. Cropping with the Crop Tool
  3. Cropping with the Marquee Tool
  4. Automating Crop & Straighten
  5. Straightening with the Measure Tool
  6. Cropping with Perspective

Chapter 6: Basic Color Correction 

  1. Introducing Variations
  2. Adjusting Color with Variations
  3. Correcting Color with Variations
  4. Using the Fade Command
  5. Modifying Colors with Hue/Saturation
  6. Specifying Colors in Hue/Saturation
  7. Selecting Color Ranges in Hue/Saturation

Chapter 7: Red Eye Removal and Recolor 

  1. Correcting Red Eye
  2. Using the Red Eye Tool
  3. Recoloring with the Brush Tool
  4. Using the Color Replacement Tool

Chapter 8: Painting with the Edit Tools  (32 min)

  1. Introducing the Dodge Tool
  2. Introducing the Burn Tool
  3. Introducing the Sponge & Focus Tools
  4. Using the Dodge Tool
  5. Using the Burn Tool
  6. Working with the Sponge Tool
  7. Pushing Pixels with the Smudge Tool

Chapter 9: Clone, Heal, and Patch 

  1. Introducing the Clone Stamp Tool
  2. Compositing with the Clone Stamp Tool
  3. Using the Spot Healing Brush Tool
  4. The Healing Brush & the Options Bar
  5. Healing & Fading
  6. Creating Textures & Patterns
  7. Using the Patch Tool

Chapter 10: Using the Selection Tools 

  1. Introducing the Selection Tools
  2. Using the Magic Wand Tool
  3. Exploring Magic Wand Options
  4. Using the Grow & Similar Commands
  5. Selecting with the Polygonal Lasso Tool
  6. Selecting with the Marquee Tool
  7. Saving & Loading a Selection Outline
  8. Making a Composite
  9. Adding a Drop Shadow
  10. Cleaning Up a Selection Edge

Chapter 11: Selecting with Color Range 

  1. Selecting Translucency
  2. Darkening with the Multiply Blend Mode
  3. Defining a Color Range
  4. Selecting Image Highlights
  5. Compositing Highlights into an Image

Chapter 12: Making the Most of History 

  1. Modifying an Image Using Variations
  2. Using Undo
  3. Using the History Brush
  4. Understanding History States
  5. Fixing Saved Files
  6. Choosing History Options
  7. Saving Snapshots

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