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  • Location: Dokki
  • Duration: 9 Months

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    Paris ESLSCA Business School offers several diplomas that are suitable for students from different educational and professional backgrounds. The Postgraduate Diplomas aim at enabling qualified candidates to acquire a  solid base in the fundamentals of business administration disciplines.

    Postgraduate Diploma  candidates study the same specialisation track courses  as the MBA candidates. Many Postgraduate Diploma graduates continue to pursue an MBA degree in a later stage.

     Post Graduate Diploma can be completed in three academic terms. It should be noted, however, that the time to complete the program is nine months.

    Credits earned will be transferred to Paris ESLSCA Master Degree Program.


    • This Postgraduate Diploma focuses on the various marketing theories and its application on the market. It  is designed to develop the skills necessary to effectively plan, implement and evaluate marketing and advertising plans.
    • Paris ESLSCA Business School provides students with extensive knowledge and skills to be able to use confidently in their work environment. Our program enables students to gain profound knowledge in different employment  areas, enabling them to be more aware of the overall insights of their job.

    The main Post Graduate Diplomas objectives are:

    • Implant the competency to select and apply theories  to a different ranges of industries 
    • Add value to candidates current role in their workplace
    • Open opportunities for graduates to shift careers in confidence
    • Enhance the exercise of business  thinking and problem solving
    • Develop competent executives  in managing modern business establishments
    • Introduce candidates to diverse international organisational settings and cultures



    1st Semester

    MKT521.. : Marketing Management

    • This course focuses on marketing and its role within organizations. It introduces the marketing concept, examines its relationship to other functions in the firm and looks at techniques and frameworks used to examine marketing environments, understand consumer and organizational buying behavior, segment markets and position products, develop new products, manage existing products and promote, price and place products.

    MKT641. : Consumer Behavior

    • This course introduces students to a wide range of behavioral concepts, and explores the strategic implications of customer behavior for marketers. The mutual influence process between customers and marketers is examined with the goal of understanding how customer behavior theories and concepts can be used to enhance marketing decision making and to develop effective marketing mix strategies.

    2nd Semester

    MGT511.. : Contemporary Management

    •  This is a generic course, which demonstrates the basic concepts and essential skills for any successful manager such as supervision, delegation, negotiation, team building, leadership, and effective communication skills. It also gives an introduction to the conceptual framework of organization behavior which focuses on the individuals within organization as the relevant unit of analysis in addition to study of nature and relationship among groups and departments that make up those organizations.

    MKT642 : Marketing Research

    MKT652 : Service Marketing

    3rd Semester

    MGT651 : Logistics Management

    • The emphasis of this course is on the aspect of nurturing entrepreneurship culture among learners so they can appreciate the value of entrepreneurship in their daily lives. Learners will be introduced to the fundamental of entrepreneurship: its historical perspective, concept and theory, and the individual entrepreneurial development. Learners will also be exposed to creative and innovative development that will enhance their abilities in identifying business opportunities. Emphasis will also be made on the various studies which determine the feasibility of any new venture such as the market survey, the cost of operations and the financial evaluation. 

    MKT643 : Integrated Marketing Communication

    • The course is designed to develop the skills necessary to effectively plan, implement and evaluate advertising and promotional programs. Consequently, an understanding of the overall marketing process, consumer's behavior, communications theory and the media of advertising and promotion is included in the course to enable the student to acquire these skills. As a result, the various factors that must be considered in planning, developing, and implementing advertising and promotional campaigns and programs will be examined. Attention will also be given to the diverse environment in which advertising and promotion operates and promotional decisions are made. Finally, the regulatory, social and economic factors that influence, and are in turn influenced by an organization's advertising and promotional program will be examined.

    MKT651 : International Marketing


    The Admission Committee welcomes applications from individuals who possess a solid record of academic and professional achievements and can demonstrate their ability and potential to conduct  high quality academic work.

    Paris ESLSCA Business School assess and evaluate each Diploma candidate on the basis of the following criteria:

    Academic Requirements:

    • A minimum of an undergraduate degree, a bachelor or the equivalent, from a recognised institution of higher education and a solid record of academic achievements on a consistent basis. We welcome applicants with diverse academic backgrounds.

    Evidence of managerial and professional experience:

    • The goal of the Admission Committee is to admit students who possess well-defined career goals and a high potential for success at work. We glean applicants' essays, letters of evaluation, and résumé (C.V.)

    Personal qualities:

    • The Admissions Committee looks for applicants who are mature, honest, intellectually curious, flexible, and personable. Evidence of applicant's personal qualities will be found in application essays, letters of evaluation and the résumé.

     Fluency in written and spoken English:

    • The Admission Committee evaluates the English level during the personal interview and matches it according to the program applied to moreover the candidates are required to submit any internationally recognised English proficiency exams.
    Updated on 31 May, 2016

    About ESLSCA Business School Egypt

    Founded in 1949, Paris ESLSCA (Écle Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées) is a private and independent institution of higher education. With over 65 years of excellence in management education and a worldwide alumni network we continue to offer accelerated, rigorous and innovative programs that allow students to move forward in a successful career. Paris ESLSCA Business School, L'École de Guerre Économique, IFAM and INSAM are all under the umbrella of Groupe ESLSCA.

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