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Defining clear performance expectations that relate to the organization’s vision, mission, and values creates win-win outcomes. Identifying key result areas and SMART performance standards in these areas develops clarity. Duties, activities, and skills, knowledge and abilities are aligned to create measurable results.


Accountability starts with clearly defined performance goals. Translating an organization’s business objectives into daily tasks is the process side of performance management. When you consider the human element of performance, you must consider that it is often not enough to know just what to do. It is also important to know the “how,” “why,” and “how well or how often,” in order for people to bring their best ideas and contributions to the work they do. Without clearly defined performance goals, you cannot determine if it is the person or the process that must be coached. After completing this module, you will be able to create clear, specific performance expectations that support an organization’s vision and overall objectives.

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About Dale Carnegie Jordan

Founded in 1912, Dale Carnegie Training has evolved from one man's belief in the power of self-improvement to a performance-based training company with offices worldwide. We focus on giving people in business the opportunity to sharpen their skills and improve their performance in order to build positive, steady, and profitable results.

Dale Carnegie's original body of knowledge has been constantly updated, expanded and refined through nearly a century's worth of real-life business experiences. The 160 Carnegie Managing Directors around the world use their training and consulting services with companies of all sizes in all business segments to increase knowledge and performance. The result of this collective, global experience is an expanding reservoir of business acumen that our clients rely on to drive business results.

Headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, Dale Carnegie Training is represented in all 50 of the United States and over 80 countries. More than 2700 instructors present Dale Carnegie Training programs in more than 25 languages. Dale Carnegie Training is dedicated to serving the business community worldwide. In fact, approximately 8 million people have completed Dale Carnegie Training.

Dale Carnegie Training emphasizes practical principles and processes by designing programs that offer people the knowledge, skills and practices they need to add value to the business. Connecting proven solutions with real-world challenges, Dale Carnegie Training is recognized internationally as the leader in bringing out the best in people.

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