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Know how to make clothes that fit and flatter with tailoring skills taught by sewing supremo Carale Bowe

Do you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Nothing fits properly? Sleeves are too long. Shirts are too ; And you trip over the hems of your jeans.

This video course is tailor-made for you. Watch sewing supremo Carale Bowe show you how to make clothes that fit and flatter in easy steps.

Known as Stylish Dad (check him out, he really is), he teaches regular guys, like us, to stitch. His followers make their shirts fit snugly, save cash and love to show off their handiwork on social media. You can join them!

Learn how to use a sewing machine to make your ill-fitting clothes suit you to a T. This tailoring course enables you to:

  • Use sewing techniques and stitches to make clothes fit
  • Have a closet full of clothes that look like they were made to measure
  • Given new life to old clothes you thought you'd never wear again
  • Upcycle any secondhand or vintage clothes
  • Buy thrift clothes and tailor them to fit
  • Repair and repurpose clothes
  • Tailor children's clothes so they're proud to wear hand-me-downs
  • Keep your favorite garments in your closet for longer and out of the landfill
  • Save money and get a unique look from store-bought clothes
  • Knowing how to tailor your own clothes is one of the smartest and most economical things you can learn to ;Start Sewing and Tailoring with Carale now.


  • What sewing machine you need for your tailoring requirements
  • Know how to handle your machine and set it up
  • Hands-on experience in practicing different stitches
  • Talk like a tailor - get to know the terminology they use
  • More hands-on experience to transform tops so your T-shirts and dress shirts fit you perfectly
  • Then move on to better bottoms so dress pants and jeans look tailor-made for you
  • Simple ways to alter sweaters for a snug fit
  • Altering kids' clothes so hand-me-downs fit properly
  • Have the confidence to make your clothes work for you, create a unique look or style, and make regular store-bought clothes look high-end.


Module 1: Getting Started
Meet your instructor: Carale Bowe, tailoring instructor and YouTuber
Finding the right type of machine for you
Setting up your sewing station
Getting to know and setting up your sewing machine
Practicing stitches

Module 2: You're A Tailor, Harry!
All the basic tailoring terminology you need to talk like a real tailor!
Essential sewing machine settings
Stitch tension explained for beginners
Beginner Sewing Project 1: Pinning and sewing a perfectly straight stitch
Beginner Sewing Project 2: How to sew a zigzag stitch

Module 3: Transforming Tops
Slimming a T-shirt for a great look
Shortening T-shirt sleeves: easy shortcuts
Shortening a T-shirt so it fits you!
Slimming a dress shirt for both women and men
Nailing dress shirt darts every time

Module 4: Better Bottoms
How to taper dress pants the easy way
How to taper jeans exactly how you like them
Hem Method for Jeans 1: The original method
Hem Method for Jeans 2: The new method
Taking in the waist of jeans and bringing them to life

Module 5: Essential Dress Alterations
Dress Alterations 1: Waists
Dress Alterations 2: Hemming
Dress Alterations 3: Darts
Altered sweaters - simply
Kids' clothing - how to work small and succeed
Go forth and alter! Thank you and good bye

Updated on 18 November, 2020

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Retail Store Tailor , Tailoring , Tailor

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