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A Speech Therapist can help a lot of people to overcome their difficulties not only in talking, but also in communication and swallowing disorders. And this job is by far one of the most technical work. You will find a number of professional Speech and Language Therapist. But if you have a close family or friend who is suffering from a speech disorder, training them all-round the clock would surely give better results. Also, this course would work great to increase your portfolio!

That is why our Speech and Language Therapy course is designed to offer you all the assistance you need. As we start from the basics, you will find yourself progressing gradually with time. At each module, the basics of the disorders one might be facing and the counter therapeutical science and technic would be established to offer a wider knowledge of the topic. You will know what role you, as a Speech Therapist, can play helping the patient overcome his difficulties.
You will get a brief on the anatomical structures like the respiratory system, laryngeal system, along with the articulatory system and neural processes that influence our speech and communication process.

Likewise, Audiology is also briefly explained in our course where you would learn the basics of the auditory system and the physiology of hearing simultaneously. You will also get an idea of the different testing and screening protocols that are used to identify children with a hearing disorder in the UK.

And you will also get to know the Phonetics, The detailed study regarding human speech, o fully understand the depth of the topic.

Key Features of This Speech and Language Therapy Course:
  • Learn about the various categories of speech disorders as well as communication disorders among patients that needs to be treated
  • Understand when the disorder developed; whether it was from birth, due to medical conditions, trauma, or due to ageing
  • Details and the difference between different disorders, whether it is a speech disorder, language disorder, communication, or cognitive disorder the patient is suffering from
  • Technics and processes that would help a verbally challenged person to overcome his difficulties
  • The difference in the treatment and therapy of children, traumatized patients, and others facing difficulties with their speech
  • The details about the neural functioning of the brain of a normal person and a person with a speech disorder
  • Knowledge of the anatomy of hearing and speeches along with the technics to help the patients tackle their lackings
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  • Instantly accessible CPD Accredited certificate on successful course completion
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Course Curriculum of The Speech and Language Therapy

We have divided the Speech and Language Therapy Course into Seven user-friendly modules

Module 01 - Introduction
Module 02 - Cognitive Psychology: Language Development in 
Module 03 - Mechanism of Speech Production- Brain and Its 
Module 04 - Mechanism of Speech Production- Speech organs 
Module 05 - Clinical Linguistics for Speech therapist
Module 06 - Speech Disorders
Module 07 - Therapy Lessons for Speech Disorders Updated on 13 May, 2021

Eligibility / Requirements

You don't need to meet any special requirements to enrol into this Speech and Language Therapy ;As long as you're above 16 and have an internet-enabled device, you're all good to go. You don't even need to go anywhere, you'll have full access to the course from the comforts of your home.

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