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Retail Management is a procedure of endorsing superior sales and consumer satisfaction by attaining a better understanding of the consumers of goods and services manufactured by a business. A classic retail management policy for a manufacturing business might enquire the retail process that allocates the finished products formed by the business to consumers to regulate and satisfy what buyers want and management makes shopping a pleasant experience and confirms the consumers leave the store with a smile. In a simple word, retail management relief’s consumers to shop without any struggle. Retail Management is an art, and requires employing various tools of logistics management for a comprehensive end user satisfaction. Retail Management is getting to know the final user on behalf of the manufacturer. Retail Management is a process of simplification. The retail management scope is to safeguard that all retail events are managed in the correct way. The purpose of retail management is marketing and guaranteeing that commodities get to the customer. Retail management saves time and ensures that the consumers simply find their desired merchandise or product and return home satisfied. An effective retail management avoids unnecessary chaos at the store. Through this complete Retail Management course, you will be learning how to create successful service, branding, and marketing strategies. You will look at areas such as retail channels, strategic planning, retail site selection, merchandising, and pricing. Retail management can be a career that offers great variability and flexibility; it all depends on where you picture yourself. Maybe you see yourself in a specialty shop that sells kitchen knives, a mall clothing store outlet, or a conglomerate department store. In this Retail Management Course we will be covering the following things they are as follows: • Introducing Retail Supply Chain • Category Management and Merchandise Budgeting • Assortment and Space Management • Retail Pricing • Retail Product Lifecycle Management • Retail Distribution and Replenishment • Retail Logistics • Retail Supplier Relationship Management • Retail Customer Relationship Management • Food and Grocery Retailing Supply Chain • Apparel and Footwear Retailing Supply Chain • Other Category Retailing Supply Chain • Managing Supply Chain of Different Retail Formats • Information Technology for Retail. Updated on 16 February, 2023

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